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    As with most people I've been washing cars ever since I "helped" wash the car as a child. Then as I got older and got my first car, I washed that too, starting with the old fashioned and outdate bucket of shampoo and a sponge O.O!!!

    I then saw the light and moved onto wash mits, thank god. In this time though I've never clayed a car before, so I had gone out and bought one of those Maguire's clay bar kits as a test bed to see what I could do with one of those. I think I will eventually get more stuff, probably Chemical Guys products.

    I started around 2pm and It was around here that it was on and off light rain showers until around 3:30pm when it cleared up abit.
    I started with some Valetpro PH Neuatral snow foam, before rinsing that off.
    Then moved onto washing with Simoniz protection car shampoo (admittedly using only 1 bucket) and then rinsing again.
    Then moved onto claying with the kit.
    To be honest for a first time user of clay bars this seemed like a logical choice as it had the two components in the kit, the clay bar (I think 160g) and quick detailer providing the lubrication required. My first attempt had been on my 6th Generation, but I ended up getting two small pieces, which I ended up dropping so they where soiled, after this gave up for many months.
    So this really is my first time at doing the job properly on the whole car. These are the results of that.
    20170312_150514. 20170312_150518. 20170312_163440. 20170312_163507. 20170312_163535.

    What surprised me was the amount of dirt that had come of an already "clean" car but was impressed with how smooth the paint felt after I had done it. It was incredible how rough the paint felt prior to me claying it, especially on the roof.

    I then went about polishing with my favourite, Autoglym Super Resin Polish and then topped off with Meguires Carnauba wax, though I would like to get some Dodo Juice, even as a tester pot to try in the near future.

    However what annoyed me the most was the people across the road, outside the pub, or at least one of them "oh, its only a Honda, I wouldn't even want to take that to a scrap yard, why are you bothering its just a Honda " I was nearly on the verge of biting, but held my tongue and ignored it.
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    Think I'll be getting the claybar out before July.
    That's an awesome finish and don't worry what the drunks think or say they probably don't even own a car. Or if they do it will probably be a chavvy corsa
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    Its a great finish Micky, so smooth its like glass. I was surprised that even after a few good washes the roughness of the paint didn't go away. So I decided it was time for the clay bar and some polishing, and I'll say it worked a treat. I will try and take more photos tomorrow when its light to show off the shine.
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    I've got some photos somewhere of my first clay barring of my Type-S, you think that looks dirty mine was like a coal miners face after a shift down the pit:focus:
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    Haha, it must have been pretty dirty, but the paint was hiding it well. That first pic of the clay bar was after I had done the bonnet as that was the panel I started on first. It looked clean, but felt as rough as the roof, which almost felt like fine sandpaper. When I finished though the clay bar was pretty disgusting, though wish I had kept it to do the glass as well.
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    It was absolutely filthy considering the previous owner(lady) had only had it 18 months and only did 8k in it, it was bogging. When I first washed it I thought I'd do the arches and feeling underneath I thought this is a bit of a rough finish and the water coming from them was brown, turned out there was around 2 inches of mud caked onto the arches so they all got washed and scraped and at the same time I thought I'll just put the hose into the side skirts oh bugger me I filled a black bin liner with sand out of them, no word of a lie I was lost for words.
    And the dealership shit stone Honda were supposed to have valeted the car before I got it....
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    Oh dear! mind you that was the first thing I did when I got this car, is give the arches a good blast out with the pressure washer, considering what happened to the last car with arches and cills going rusty. This wasn't too bad just a little bit of mud. 2 inches though is unacceptable. I know arches often get missed when it comes to cleaning off. I wouldn't be surprised that a dealer "valet" is no more than a quick wash off and spray some stuff to ma it smell nice. No real effort beyond that is made.
    When my dad bought his CR-V the dealer was supposed to have valeted his as well, but I was finding leaves and that green slime that builds up around the tailgate, building up around the tailgate, and leaves and detritus building up in the bonnet hinge area.
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    @Harvey all looking good mate how many lays of SRP mate she really shines and its fully worth cleaning under arches ECT....
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    United Kingdom Sam Birmingham
    I'm doing mines before Japfest. Looks stunning.
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  10. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Don't forget the tyre and trim dressing. They're the final details that help make her stand out. :Wink:
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    It got too dark to take photos by the time I was done. So here are some I've just taken.
    She's a little bit dusty now though, thanks to where she's parked, no choice on that one though.
    20170313_120431. 20170313_120459. 20170313_120520. 20170313_120539.
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    A job well done mate :Thumbup:

    Ignore the jibes from the people across the road and the pub. They know nothing about looking after a car properly and never will, so think about that and smile to yourself :Smile:
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    Stunning job. :Thumbup:
    Personally I now prefer to use a G3 clay mitt, find it much easier to use than a traditional clay bar and gives equally good results
    The G3 Product Range

    G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt

    After shampooing there may still be microscopic contaminants on the surface of your paintwork. These won’t be visible to the naked eye but feel rough if you rub your finger along the surface, and can lead to scratches and other paintwork damage.
    The G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt uses an advanced rubber polymer technology to remove ingrained, bonded contaminants such as dirt, bugs, tar spots and other dulling pollutants from paintwork, windscreens and even headlights.
    Simple in use, its easy-glide application allows for controlled handling and lasts up to 5x longer than traditional clay bars. The result, amazingly silky smooth surfaces thoroughly prepared for paint renovation or waxing.
    Must be used with a lubricant, preferably G3 Pro Bodyshop Detailer. This allows the mitt to glide over the surface, picking up the microscopic contaminants.
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    I'll bear that in mind, and see how that goes should I run out of clay (which won't be long)
    - - - Updated - - -
    Cheers @SpeedyGee, that's improved my mood no end.
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    @Harvey I agree with @SpeedyGee be proud mate she has a nice shine on her mate in sun light get some close up shots of your panels...
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  16. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    @Harvey you've only got to look at the other cars on the road to see that many owners don't take care of them.
    Add to that the number that deliberately abuse them and it's all adds up to a huge number of unloved cars.

    Anyone that actually bothers is therefore in the minority. From this minority, only the diehards go to the extents many on HK do.
    So, you are 'unusual' and 'odd' compared to most drivers.

    However, in our eyes, you are perfectly normal.
    Well maybe not quite yet. You need to also be sealing and waxing the inner surfaces of your alloys to be 'normal' in my book. :Devil: :crazyeyes: :Devil:
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    @Harvey I totally agree with @Nels I get people near me saying how many time I wash and polish the car but after it all I stand back and think to myself i'm proud to have done it :gohonda: the other half things me got O.C.D with the car :Hey::Grin:
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    Your both right there. Especially @Nels. I am nearly normal for the car enthusiast community. I really do need to do a proper job with the inside of my wheels though.

    Your right about how many people don't look after their cars though!
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    mate a car that looked after and protected on bodywork can make a big money save sorry if others disagree ...
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    It's worth the effort, just found this pic of my last car after a day of cleaning looks good. Saw it the other week and still looking shiny but car very ill!
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