Detailing My first detailing effort - thoughts, lessons learnt, feedback welcome...

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    Hi all

    After lots of reading of this section of the forum and other sources online, i've been slowly accumulating the required bits to try to detail my car (s) myself. Yesterday and today was my first attempt, starting with the wife's car (06 8th Generation Civic). Below is a summary:

    - Wheels sprayed with Bilberry diluted at 1:3 and left to dwell, then agitated with brush and soapy used mitt specifically for the wheels
    - Pre wash with Anachem Articulate (non caustic TFR) and left to dwell for 5mins
    - Pre wash with Autobrite Magifoam and left to dwell for 5mins
    - Thorough rinse of wheels and body with powerwasher
    - Two bucket wash using Megs Shampoo Plus
    - Thorough rinse
    - Car clay'd using G3 Pro Body Clay Mitt
    - Thorough rinse
    - Car dried using large microfibre drying towel
    - Car polished with Kestrel DAS6 with Meguiars #205 and yellow Meguiars polishing pad
    - Car waxed with Collinite 845 insulator wax
    - Wheels dressed with Meguiars Tyre Gel
    - Plastic Trim dressed with Autobrite Trim Protectant

    So that's it, about 9-10hrs in total i think, about 6hrs was polishing and waxing! :Smile:

    Some thoughts/conclusions/questions for those still reading!

    - I made a major faux PAS when it came to using the clay mitt. I didn't realise it doesn't need to be used like a clay bar so i rubbed too much/long on panels and marred the surface in places and left a terrible residue on the surface. Luckily the polishing step removed 99% of this but was devastated seeing this afyer drying the car
    - The polishing step wasn't as effective at removing swirls and light scratches as I hoped. I was still happy with the end product as it did remove some but had hoped for a bit more. Maybe i need to use a different polish pad with slightly more cut or maybe need to use a polish with a bit more cut like Scholls S17 or maybe both?
    - The polishing step produced a lot of polishing dust - can this be minimised or is this expected?
    - The Collinite 845 was by far my fav part as it applied easily, came off easily and really finished the job nicely for me!

    Thanks to @wanner69 in particular for his help/guidance.

    20160516_155254. 20160516_155338. 20160516_160143_HDR. 20160516_160152_HDR. 20160516_160211. 20160516_160227. 20160516_160243.
  2. Nighthawk Management Club Staff

    Great effort and she looks great. It looks like you could have safely cut her back a bit more and removed some of the orange peel effect (that bubbling effect on the paintwork). Once that is back, it will become mirror smooth like this (this is a shot of the roof of my Accord)

    Honda paint is soft so start off with the gentlest compound and pad and work your way upwards if you need to.

    Invest in some of this stuff next time you do it - PoorBoys - Black Hole - Clean Your Car

    Use it after the final buff stage and before you wax. Really brings out the depth of the black paint (as above). A bit of powder is normal but if its excessive, its because you have applied too much. Regularly shake out the cloth - I do it after each panel, and twice on big panels like the roof and bonnet.

    Good job, well done.
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    Thanks Nighthawk! I actually have that PB Black Hole polish, used it once so far but was before i bought the DA polisher. Having applied #205 and a wax, i had done enough for today but next time i'm polishing/waxing i'll give it a go....
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  4. Nighthawk Management Club Staff

    The DA polisher is a fantastic bit of kit, so much safer to use than an orbital polisher but more work too. Look forward to seeing the next full detail
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Great job there @bigroncoleman
    There is one final warning...Once you start this level of detailing, it becomes very, very addictive. :Whistle:
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  6. wanner69 Detailing & Styling Trader

    Well done mate, great attempt and looking good. Before claying you could and should really detar and deionise the paint surface. Regarding the G3 clay mitt, little pressure is required, straight lines and plenty of lube. I actually snowfoam the car again and use that as the lube.
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    Thanks Wayne. Was actually thinking about using the snowfoam with the mitt so will try that and also the detar dionise when i come to do the accord.

    Any pointers on improving the light scrape / swirl removal? Would like to slightly improve on that when i come to do the accord. Maybe Scholls S17 with the same yellow pad or use #205 with a different pad?

  8. wanner69 Detailing & Styling Trader

    Yes step up to a medium polish like S17 but don't go any heavier. Make sure you have 2 or 3 pads when polishing so you can change them after 2 or 3 panels as using the same pad for all the car will clog up with polish albeit you can get rid of a lot of the spent polish but I prefer to change them over.
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