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    My Civic Coupe EJ2 build

    Finally after about a year an a half of owning my Civic coupe it was time to start a build thread of my own. (I know I should of done one at the start) I brought the car with only 34,000miles on the clock with 2 previous owners and no mods or rust. It has Full service history and drives so smooth. Here are some pictures with my other car the Suzuki Swift GSE afew days after owning it. 30032008171. DSC00186. DSC00199. DSC00194. After driving around with the car standard for a while, it was time to start adding my first few mods: Amber corners installed: DSC00624. Then off to Car-audio-security to get my alarm sorted but was pretty disappointed with the time taken to get this done and the end results are shown below.... Notice the long wood screws poking out.... DSC01672. First the customer service was bad. I had to wait like the whole day to get my alarm done, while other ppl had there's done first even though I was the first one there at 9am. Plus it was booked for that day a week previous. After I got home I took alook at the work and parts used to secure the door mechanism to the inside door. I found Wood screws that are way to long and not even held in properly. The inside door is very thin and those screws can easily be ripped out. DSC01675. DSC01679. So not the best fitting on my alarm installation then. I tighten the screws up and put thread lock for added security so they don't come out. At least it still works. Time to upgrade the interior found BON from the forum who was selling some JDM green seats so had to snap them up as well as buying an arm rest from another member too: DSC01321. DSC01332. wanted some yellow fog lamps so off to ebay I went to find some that wasn't to expensive but still had good fitment, found these which seem to do the trick. DSC01335. Needed to upgrade the wheels and heard that JDMJON was selling his wheels of his JDM EG coupe.....original EJ1 wheels ATS 15x7j et30. Brought them off him as he did a deal with my bother for his GT3's at the time. DSC01341. DSC01354. Mean while had some random stickers on my window that needed to be removed as they look pants stuck there: DSC01880. DSC01881. Cleaned them up and off to JAE I went, Here's a photo of me and my bro at JAE 08 DSC01642. That day I must of saw the Funky Power Stand and brought myself some d2 coilovers. That week my JDM recess also came through the post. DSC00758. Always wanted a set of JDM rear lights but could never find any for sale, found the 50/50 rear tail lights for the coupe so brought them instead as I wanted all the rear brake lights to light up. DSC01857. Rear lights and front ambers wired up: DSC01934. Heres the car with the D2 coilovers installed thanks to Killa coupe (Nik) for the Big help in doing that. DSC01883. DSC01924. With the front slightly adjusted to sit level with the rear. DSC01918. Being pretty chuffed that my car was sitting right, I had always planned for some new wheels as the EJ1 wheels where good but where in need of a refurb and the side wall of the tyres where to big to run alot lower than it was. Wanted something alot different than Rota's. I was always a fan of low offset wheels so had to find a set that no one really had.....stumbled across these. Exip 15x7J et25 and decided that I might have clearance issues so wrapped them in 165/50/15 bridgestone Potenza's. I also brought a black magic steering wheel and some OEM wind deflectors of Honda-R. exipwheels_8. exipwheels_41. Had it pretty much slammed, so driving anywhere in Tottenham or West London with there high ramps wouldn't be a good idea....LOL DSC02670. DSC02766. By this time I must of brought myself A DSLR D60. Hence the photos become slightly Exipwheels_28. DSC_0485. After 2-3months, I made the option that the Exip wheels would be taken off to get them refurbed and polished up as the polished lip where corroding under the cold wet weather. Had to put back my steelies while I get those wheels sorted out: IkeaPhotoshoot_25. Steelies_04. # Ended up selling the Exip wheels as I got offered good money for them and told myself that I would find a set of wider wheels in the future so why bother refurbing the Exip wheels. So they went. Ever since Promixious brought his EM1 Civic coupe I always liked the EM1 wheels. I think they are really nice and would look very smart on my EG Civic coupe. Had to find some wheels to settle with as my daily and the EM1 wheels fit that job quite well. So I found a dude selling them on the Forum and brought them off him. I also brought a set of 3000k HID�s: Before HID�s installed pictured here with JDMJON AceCafeMeet_111. TescoPhotoshoot_107. TescoPhotoshoot_113. TescoPhotoshoot_29. That was the last few mods before I was planning to do my engine swap. So money had to be saved and my Civic Coupe Ej2 had to stay in this form until the engine was in. Deciding on an engine was pretty hard as the jump in price and ease of installation was a lot to consider. I wanted a B18C4 as they do go for less money that B18 ITR engines but at the time they seem to rise in price as everyone was doing this swap. ITR engine seem to be the one but are expensive to buy. Ending up finding a whole B16a2 engine conversion OBD1 for a decent price. The B16a2 was always there as it�s the easiest and cheapest engine to drop in but was a common swap, but hey its still vtec. Got the engine to my garage and started to remove the rocker cover to change the Timing belt and water pump with the help of a Teg owner (James). Was quite a good experience as both off us never done one before, and I was reading how to do one of a printed instruction manual�.lol Engineb16a2_9. Engineb16a2_15. Engineb16a2_17. Engineb16a2_23. Stripped the rocker from its original paint, ready for sanding and repainting. Wanted it to look OEM so crinkle black should do it. Engineconversion_30. The day of the Engine swap. Chose a weekend that was available for killa coupe and Project EJ6 to help. Started on the Friday to take things apart like emptying out the fluids, exhaust, air box, etc etc ready for the engine remove on the Saturday. On the Saturday took apart the rest of the cars drive shafts and loosen the engine mounts ready to lift the engine out with the help of Killa coupe and Project EJ6. Engineconversion_33. Engineconversion_36. Engineconversion_42. Engineconversion_43. Engineconversion_49. Only had a few hours to go before sunset and we hadn�t even got the B16a2 in yet�..not a good thing as the garage has only enough space to store one engine and the car�.lol
    Got her in the in at the end and spent the rest of Sunday fitting afew things back on her.
    Engineconversion_50. Engineconversion_59. Engineconversion_60. Had to find a new VTI radiator as the D-series was alittle small to fit the hose fitting and was leaking quite abit. Managed to fit my front ITR anti roll bar while the car was still being worked on. Old D-series Rad Ayish_35. VTI radiator installed Ayish_38. DSC_0195. Once the anti roll bar was fitted, it was time to bolt back the exhaust and gearlinkage. Turns out that the supplied Gear linkage wasn�t lining up and that the ITR gear linkage doesn�t fit�..Had to search to find one that did, which was all VTI Civics�which I wasn't told before.....<img src='http://www.civiclife...O_DIR#>/mad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=' [​IMG]' /> Brought one of Mega-Man and afew other bits and bobs that I needed. While installing the b-series throttle cable and trying to adjust the butterfly stop screw, it randomly broke while attempting this, an accident by project ej6. This held up the completion alittle longer. :eek: I was planning in the future to upgrade the Throttle body and inlet manifold anyways but I guess the time had to be now rather than later. Found a brand new Skunk2 68mm throttle body for cheap on ebay and then found a week later a Skunk2 pro series Inlet manifold and found out that the Inlet manifold�s bore is only 64mm. So decide to port match the inlet manifold as it�s out already which saves me time doing it later on. [​IMG][​IMG]Orded a Hondata inlet gasket for the installation from Funky power [​IMG]Started to remove the old intake and gasket: [​IMG][​IMG]Comparision and parts installed, slight difference between them�� [​IMG][​IMG]Gasket on and installation of the inlet manifold and throttle body: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Okay so that was finished and I�m back where I started before the throttle body broke. At this point the engine was slowly getting finished but there was still a small oil leak coming for the cam seal, and the engine not running properly, it was idling bad and running lumpy. Getting abit frustrated at this point as the engine swap was taking a hell of a lot longer than expected and starting to believe that the engine is messed up. (Hearing ppl saying the engine was F*&ked wasn�t helping either) Trying to diagnose the problem with Killa coupe it was decided that I should buy myself a compression tester and performed a test to see if the engine was loosing compression as a result of the bad engine idle and lumpiness. Results followed as cylinders 1-4 where around 180ish PSI which turns out to be fine. Dame that was quite a scary moment as the worse thing in the world is your engine being messed up, finding out you have bent valves or worn bits that involve lots of money is not a nice feeling. Just ask james (teg), EK Dak and Pinoy-R the relief I felt that day. Got Killa coupe to try and sort the Dizzy timing as this could have been one of the reasons for the problem. Was a lot better once the Dizzy was timed just had to check if the Timming belt was correct too. Ended up being the timing belt being out of time about 1 tooth of the top cams and the crank being out by 15%. Got my mechanic to sort this out. The engine was running a lot better now that this was sorted and a smile started to appear on my face�
    Meanwhile had my bro Project ej6 to wire up vtec. Managed to get hold of a BDL Aluminum cam seal for cheap as this will stop the leak.
    [​IMG]By this point I toped up my gearbox oil as I was running on pretty much empty and started to drive around to check if everything was running okay�.. Problems that I could fine when running was that my engine management light would randomly turn on��.having the chance to check what it is it ended up being CEL 43 which was the fuel supply system�.. What ever than means�.LOL I had to find out what to do about it�..turns out that its usually your O2 sensor, Fuel filter or Fuel pump. Also noticed that if the car has never been turned on that day and your going to us it for the first time from cold, the car would start fine but you�ll had to wait like 4 minutes for it to warm up alittle in order for you to drive off without it stalling on you. My mechanic suggested it might be the Temp sensor. Funny thing is that every other time you start the car after the first time that day it would work fine, you can drive of without no problem�. So of to Lings and funky power to buy some parts. Replacement NGK O2 sensor from funky power with some new NGK spark plugs, OEM replacement Temp sensor and other servicing parts like fuel filter ENEOS oil and oil filter. Also picked up some OEM replacement bolts for the endlinks and LCA's for the rear ITR anti roll bar once I get it on. [​IMG]The car is running alot nicer now......the best its been in the car...very smooth. The cold start problem has slightly disappeared but I still wait like a minute until setting off the first time using it.....will eventually find out whats causing this problem but its only the first time you start the car that day so not much of a problem. Fitted my ITR mats and adjusted the height of my coilovers as I will save some money for xmas this year instead off buying some new 195/50/15's for the EM1 wheels. Plenty of thread on these 195/55/15's anyways. [​IMG]A good height practicality wise, I think its still smart looking can say it looks bad. I know its not low but I'm loving the No scraping issues and clearance of ramps...Will have to do still next year. [​IMG]So been through abit since I brought it but this is how it stands this December 2009: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Got afew more parts to put on but will take some more photos in the future and updated the thread. [​IMG] Hope you guys like it, comments welcome:
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    Started reading this thinkin, pretty average. DEF gets better towards the end with the engine coversion and tuning.

    IMO don't like those tiny 15" black wheels with 165/50r15 tyres on, just coz they look to small the standard honda ones look better. and i don't like that colour, but thats my opinion.

    looks really nice. you still running drums on the rear?

    future plans? matt black ej2's always look sick or white. Get a good exhaust on it, maybe?

    love the fogs and how it sits tho.

  3. JACKO. Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Noice mate, love the exips very different id say get some 16s with some good fitment and you in for a winner, keep it up.
  4. Jameshop Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    nice read man! looks great!
  5. Hitmo Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Nice build up, the internals on the b16 look clean!
  6. James_m Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Nice Rods, we will have to catch up soon and you can show me how its goes now :Wink: You going Mimms on sunday?
  7. wow! can't believe what this car has been through. Engine has a new heart...brilliant journey with alot more to come i

    wasnt easy doin the conversion but i can happily say its worth it if you have the time & money.

    looks fresh and clean.

    whats on the cards now?
  8. Civic Coupe EJ2 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Cheers guys......yeh the green will never be to every ones tastes but it has grown on me every since. Yeh some nice wide wheels will set it off but have to wait to save some cash ATM.

    will do a rear disc conversion and install my front VTI brakes before I get a new set of wheels. Still need to buy the ASR brace and Drop links to install the rear ITR ARB.

    This should be done by the end of December

    Decat will be installed soon.

    JDM folding mirrors will get painted and installed

    Get a induction kit
  9. boosted16 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    really like this build up bud, it reminds me of my old green hatch.! bought it standered like you and built it up. it feels so much better when you do it yourself:Smile:

    loved those deep dished wheels tho

    cheers ryan
  10. Bong Guest

    I read all of that was a good read, nice car
  11. aji621 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Adam Colchester
    How it looks now is how it should stay looks so Clean.

  12. sean_EJ2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    very nice coupe looks like you know what your doing great mods so far fella nice work check my build if you would like to see the progress of my two ej2's

  13. Civic Coupe EJ2 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    cheers Bong Water.....

  14. sean_EJ2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The b18 is awesum I just want a teg head and inlet manifold running hondata next lol
  15. wanstar Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    your idle problem is because of your intake manifold and TB. had the same problem on my b16 with the intake and larger TB. because the TB's are made for all hondas the early b16's in the EG etc had a waxostat valve(or something like that) under the TB unlike the newer ek4's which controled cold start via the ECU. basically u just have to live with it. nice looking motor tho looking gd wish i hadn't scraped mine now lol.
  16. Civic Coupe EJ2 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  17. Glenno Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Good work so far, i love clean EJ's. nice one, hope to see more soon!
  18. d15power Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    looks clean, I think actually looks best on the standard steels with painted hub caps
  19. LiggyL Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I love this car, getting more and more of an urge for an EJ2 lol
  20. Boz. Guest

    Nice car mate. Liggy ^^ go and find my old ej2 coupe and buy that!