My B18 Eg Hatch

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    Hi guys I'm back!!!! After about 7 years of not really owning a Honda I got me another EG


    And heres the last...The one I should of never sold!!!!!!


    So here is my recently purchased EG Civic with a B18c4 Engine. I purchased this a few weeks ago and thought id share my build up thread with people. The paint work is a bit shabby but theres only minimum rust and no dents or dings as far as I can see.
    B18c4 Engine [Stock]
    S80 Gearbox With LSD
    Ngk Leads
    Cold Air Feed
    Pro Sport Coilovers
    Mb6 Hub Swap
    Wheel Spacers
    DC2 Alloys Toyo Proxy Tyres
    Rear After Market Lca's
    Rear Upper Strut Brace
    Fake AsR Brace
    Beaks Lower Brace
    Front JDM Fog Lights
    Mugen Style Front Lip
    HID Kit
    Carbon Duckbill Spoiler
    JDM Cupholders