Sold Multi gym. £80 collected.

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    Item For Sale: Multi gym.

    Item Condition & Description: Multi gym for your house, room, spare room or garage. As you can see it is in my bedroom! Condition is overal good, has 2 split lines but you can buy them off ebay for cheap! Still works 100% perfect even with the split lines. Everything is there, no parts missing. Comes with a box of spare bits (bolts, chains, fittings etc). Also has instruction manual with it! Has 9 1.5 LBS weights and a half size one on top, so plenty of weight there to play around with. It has 5 functions I THINK (no less than 5 anyway). Selling due to not using it anymore and got a bench to go in it's place!! Great bit of kit for someone just starting out, or for someone who can't afford the very high gym prices nowa days. Lines/wires are all greased up so run freely.

    *Please note*: The leg bars aren't in at the moment, i took them out becayse they get in the way a bit, but they will be included!

    Price: £80 COLLECTED.

    Pictures: As below;







    Payment & Shipping Details: CASH ON COLLECTION OR BANK TRANSFER ONLY. COLLECTION ONLY, will never ever post this due to the weight and size. When you collect it, it will be in bits with everything there. Will fit inside a saloon/estate car no problem. Fitted inside my dads ford cougar for size reference!

    Location: CT1, kent.

    Contact: TEXT, 07837801025 or PM.

    Thanks, Rob.
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    Put this on eBay dude!

    I sold one similar for double what I paid

    Approved by the way
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    Only if you were local to me.
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    Really? Nice one man i will chuck it up when there is a free weekend listings.

    And thanks for the approval man.

    Ahh shit man :Frown: , i would get you a postage quote but it wouldn't be both it i don't think haha! Fuck sake lol.
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    free listings this weekend i believe sure i got an email about it this morning but deleted it
  6. OneMoreMile. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    Sweet man i'll get it up there ASAP then thanks for that.

    Will be willing to meet for petrol money too btw people.
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    they arent going for double on ebay dude (before you get your hopes up) have a look on there before you list a silly starting bid

    i just bought one for £75, is a weider pro 2000 model too
  8. OneMoreMile. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I only bought it for £100 anyway haha so i don't really care what i get, just need it gone ASAP!!
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    I didn't mean they're going for double what his is advertised at, but that I sold mine for double what I paid for it
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    bump need this gone now
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    If you were closer, I'd take it dude. GLWS.
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    Fuck sake lol :/.
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