Finished Moving home to Trowbridge Wiltshire - Help..e

Discussion in 'Events & Meets' started by Moss, Sunday 1st May, 2016.

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    Hi All,
    I/we, will be moving home within the next couple of months; we're moving to Wiltshire, the Hilperton Area of Trowbridge.
    I was wondering if any of our members live in or around the Trowbridge area? I will shortly after moving; require a Service and MOT on the Outback.. I'm looking for a friendly garage in the area. Could anyone recommend a (not Dealership) garage suitable for working on my Subaru Outback; without charging me a fortune?
    help and advise appreciated..
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    I'm sure someone will be able to advise you soon. good luck with the move.
    @staff triplicate postings lol
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    Thanks for spotting that @legend-ary. The duplicates have been removed.
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    I can't see many members in that area, but it's possible someone may be able to help. :goodluck:
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    @Moss try searching on the Good Garage Scheme. The Good Garage Scheme sets certain levels of service that their member garages have to achieve. Customers can give feedback on the garages and issues/complaints can also be handled via the scheme to ensure that customer gets a satisfactory end result.

    All this means that garages that are part of the scheme should be of a very good competency.
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    That looks promising; thanks for posting.