Civic/6th Gen Monster unit ek

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    Ej9 - b18 cvc

    think its time i got the finger out and started a build up thread even though its well on its way into the build :Grin: , goes!

    i bought this car when it was 16 back in 2006 for a small sum of �300 with some minor front end damage, a bonnet, set of EK9 headlights and a bumper later and it was an MOT pass with no advisorys, happy days.

    started off kinda on the wrong path and bought a vented cf bonnet, and angel eyes etc, replica EK9 spoiler, but it was all sold off again



    then came the mods




    new wheels


    this is when all the plans changed and off went the bucket seats, lights, cf hood, stock bumper, and replaced with EK9 parts,




    more honda goodies arrived





    off came the replica spoiler and on went the genuine EK9 one




    EK9/coupe bumper


    square plate and EK9 place recess


    then on went the genuine EK9 lights


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    then eventually i got the car back :Grin: :Grin: just what a wanted!!


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    then the car started appearing at car shows over the country and got quite a good bit of positive feed back, red recaro's and carpet fitted, d2 coilovers etc. not much changed after this for a while, untill head gasket failed and just decided to rip the engine out for something better, it was then off the road for a year and a half due to insurance cost/ build cost etc, but thankfully now its out and better than to follow
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    Looks very good dude, good turn around. Saw the angel lights and was like ahh ffs. lol. Very nice car man, get some pics with the b18 in :Wink:
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    loks nice now dude, nice turnaround, just needs an import front plate and decent motor :Smile:
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    big thanks to gerry at performancetek for fitting the engine, i was working full time and alot of overtime so wouldn't manage to do it myself, but he done a good job, good price aswell. anyways, after a long time saving up all the parts i needed i sourced a b18 with 42k on the clock, with brand new ITR cam cover, then it all went off to gerry to get fitted, got it back soon enough and then it lay off the road for a year, due to me being 18 and the insurance not touching me on the engine :Frown: , but i'm 19 now and its all good.





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    always liked this car
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    the car went on the road for about 2 weeks then i blew the diff out the standard gearbox, so it was back off the road then i bought a b16 SIR gearbox with shorter ratio's and a spoon 1.5 way LSD, best mod I've done to the car!, also bought hondata s300 and aem wideband, but its running on a basemap i made myself haha, but it runs decent enough the now, remap needs done ASAP, also fitted blox 70mm throttle body.

    sold the recaro's to my mate, and now just have facelift ej9 seats, but i'm saving for brides (y), got paid off work though so progress is slow at the moment

    some recent pics










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    pics looks very nice
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    what a end result:O! looks very clean mate. :worship:
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    cheers for the comments :Smile: , next up for the car is a miracle x bar with the 4 extra bars, ARC frong winglets, Vortex front carbon canards, j's racing front and back tow hook, and further down the line, a 8 point weld in cage and interior repainted white, thinking about a wheel change soon aswell

    current speclist -


    • B18c4 conversion

    • Blox 70mm throttle body

    • Blox adjustable TPS

    • Skunk 2 inlet manifold

    • Hondata inlet manifold gasket

    • Trust 4-2-1 exhaust manifold

    • Cobra sports 200 cell High flow cat

    • Spoon b pipe

    • Spoon n1

    • Spoon sports socks

    • Spoon radiator cap

    • Spoon magnetic sump plug

    • Spoon 1.5 way plated LSD

    • Spoon transmission drain plug

    • Fidanza 7.4lb flywheel

    • Exedy stage 1 clutch

    ITR radiator

    • Hamp oil filter

    OEM water pump

    • Ram air intake duct

    • P30 ECU chipped and socketed

    • Hondata S300 ECU programme

    • AEM afm wideband setup

    • Password:JDM cooling plate

    • Password:JDM washer and bolt kit for engine bay

    • Type one service sticker

    EP3 modified water hoses

    Suspension / Wheels

    • Rota grid 16” wheels

    • Yokohama S drive 205/45/16 tyres

    • Volk/rays engineering locking wheel nuts

    • BC racing coilovers

    • Beaks lower tie bar

    • Skunk 2 pro series lower control arms

    • Skunk 2 pro series front camber kit

    • M factory c pillar brace

    • Hyperflex poly bush master set

    • S2000 calipers and 300mm brake disks

    • M factory rear toe kit

    • Password:JDM 3 point strut brace


    • Kenwood flip out dvd sat nav headunit

    • Momo ltd edition 3" dish wheel

    • Momo racing boss kit

    • A pillar trim painted black

    • broadview mirror with painted black surround

    • Vti-s door speakers

    EK9 gear knob

    • bucket seats

    DC2 seat rails

    • AEM wideband guage

    • A pillar twin guage pod

    EK9 carpet

    DC2 rear bench seat

    EK9 shift boot

    • Vti-s arm rest

    • Vti-s door cards

    • Vti-s rear black interior pannels

    • Vti-s dash

    EK9 dial surround

    • S2000 dial conversion

    • Japanese new driver badge

    • carbon fibre lid for center console


    • Full respray in standard honda polar white

    EK9 headlights front

    EK9 lights rear

    JDM amber fogs

    JDM numberplate tilt bracket

    EK9 front bumper

    EK9 front lip

    EK9 rear lip

    EK9 rear bumper

    EK9 rear numberplate recess

    EK9 spoiler

    EK9 front grill

    • Flushed rear wiper

    • Import number plates

    EK9 rear red H badge

    • Private plate – B18 CVC

    • Virtual daylight 8k HID kit


    • Avital Cat 1 alarm

    • Rear privacy tints
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    daaaaaaaaaaam thats awesome, i thought that was it after the first few pics :lol:
  15. Gary. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    its that way...scotland has the best motors?
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    very nice car mat, only thing i don't like which is stupid is the fact you got in on bonnet lifters
  17. Garage-12 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    cheers :Smile:

    if your meaning the bonnet raised at the back, i'm taking the washers back out, just done it to see what it would look like lol
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    Must say i love how far this has come. Must say if i had a white ej9 i would love to do the work you have done.

    What spoon n1 did you get as thinking of getting one for my ej9 once my engine work has started and just wondering wheather to order and EK9 one or ek4?
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    OMG i love this!!!
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    thanks :Smile: , i'm sure it was the ek4 one i ordered, but id order the EK9 one cause i think its the hangers are different, EK9 one suits the back lip, where as ek4 sits higher on the bumper, i had to adjust the hangers a bit, the exhaust is the same though.