Electrical & Lights Moisture inside lights

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    Sold my accord and have defected to team CR-V. it's a 2016 I.6 I-DTEC ex model. All in all quite impressed but have a couple of things I need to check.
    I have some moisture in the headlight ..towards the wing corner of the light. Car was at the dealership a number of months so was prob sitting up a bit..not sure if that would be relevant. Car has only 24k miles and is immaculate.. no signs of damage . I don't fancy replacing them and am waiting to hear back from the garage.

    2nd one is underneath the wheel arches.. they don't look like what I'm used to from driving Accords . No longer on the inside... with some exposed holes .. I was wondering was the liner missing? Or maybe that's normal.

    Will upload some pictures also 20190419_083651.