Engine & Gearbox Missfire Diesel !!!!

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    Hi guys.

    Yesterday was give the car the once over before holidays, Changed oil etc, to change the air filter i removed the the connector from (i think MAF sensor) and disconnected hose to turbo inlet. Hovered out the rubbish in the air box, new air filter reconnected every thing. Checked everything all ok. Started the car and it ran as if on two or three cylinders or about 30sec then was fine but the dash error light was on "Check System"

    As it was running fine I needed to go out so was driving with error light on after about three-four miles I had to stop for about 1 Hour. Started car no error light. So this morning plugged in my ELM ODB reader and pulled the following codes P0102 & P0103. Both relate to the MAF sensor voltage High or Low.

    Any ideas why or was it that I just disconnected the MAF.
  2. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    Have you inspected the element in the MAF sensor? It may be the case that the circuit is failing or dirty.

    MAF sensor cleaner exists, that may help.