Mini me ECU

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    Before I start, yes I’m FULLY AWARE of the “tHeRe ArE hUnDrEdS oF aRtIcLeS aBoUt ThIs”
    I know there are but too be 100% honest I can’t wrap my head around any of em, lets keep this simple

    I got a d14a4 (Civic 2000 1.4iS)
    I wanna slap a d16z6 head on it
    Obviously I’ll need;
    D16z6 head
    Dizzy from d16z6?
    Spark plugs and wires from d16z6?
    And a lovely timing belt

    My question is, which ECU and harness do I use? Do I use a d15 harness and a d16 ECU? Both D15B or both d16???

    And then comes the after works, will I have to get it tuned ASAP after I slap it on or will it run just fine?

    I apologise for such a stupid post.