Service & Maintenance Millers trident 5w30 low saps

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Kris the joiner, Saturday 10th Aug, 2019.

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    United Kingdom Kris Saunders Chesterfield
    Hi all.
    Found a garage local to me to service the Honda CR-V. They are good garage scheme and which? Rated. They have given me a great price for a full service. They say they will use millers trident 5w30 low saps c2/c3.
    Just wondered if this oil is any good and if anyone can pass any opinions on this (good or bad)
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    United Kingdom Kris Saunders Chesterfield
    Or for £20 more I can have a service at ATS Euromaster using mobil1.
    Very tough decision that I just can't make
  3. Zebster H-Tune's Counsel The Evangelists

    You may be overthinking this issue!

    As I said in the other thread you started on this subject, the engine you have is not in the slightest bit demanding on the oil (at least in normal use) so whatever oil meets the full spec in the owner's manual will be fine and so simply buy the cheapest available from a reputable supplier.

    Personally I found that Euro Car Parts/Car Parts 4 Less TripleQX was the cheapest whenever they had a sale on, but I know that others swear by 25L barrels of Exol brand from Lubetech (which is probably based on a superior basestock but I never wanted a barrel in such an odd quantity). But I had a turbo diesel and so that needed a much better oil than you need.

    If you want to really look after your engine then I believe reducing the change interval is beneficial. But again this is more applicable to diesels.

    Have you also looked into all the different filter options? That'll probably give a greater performance variance than selecting the correct spec oil from different oil manufacturers. I'd stick with OEM, although I don't know who makes these for Honda for your engine (my diesel oil filter was made by Mahle).