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    Seeing as the Civiclife gallery doesn't exist, I was wondering if people could send me pictuers from various Civiclife meets?

    It's for a college project. I have to make a site so I'm making one showing a few car projects (put yours forward if you want)

    Currently have;

    Toyota Supra 800HP rebuild

    Ford Focus RWD Cosworth Conversion (mint)

    Honda Civic Track Day car with Sequential Semi-automatic.

    Anyone else got a build I could use?

    But also I'm having a gallery feature which is why I want pictures from Civiclife if possible :Smile:

    Can you either PM me or if they are high resolution/ large photo's can you send them to this address for better quality;

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    Adam Colchester
    Go to Meets Sectoin,

    there is a WHOLE Part of the Forum Dedicated to Meet picutres
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    Adam Colchester
  4. SaintGrimm Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Cool, ripped!

    If anyone has their own pictures they'd like to put forward, go ahad :Smile: