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    Hi guys, signed up here ages ago but only just getting round to posting up my build thread. You may have seen it on other forums, but hopefully you don't mind something as ghetto as this being here too.

    My plans for the car are to keep it road legal, but mostly it will be used on track. If funds allow, I'll be going in for the Nippon Race series next year, so the heat is on to make this car as competitive as some of the other machinery I've seen going in.

    Here's a brief list of plans I have for the car for the short-term(Bold ones are completed):

    -Strip Interior

    -Remove Sound deadening

    -Remove Air conditioning

    -Remove Sunroof

    -Remove ABS system

    -Adjustable Brake Bias Valve

    -Remove SRS

    -Relocate battery to passenger compartment

    -Custom Dashboard (lightweight y0!)

    -P72 ECU and mapping

    -New Exhaust

    -MG ZS180 Rear ARB


    -Perspex Windows + remove electric motors

    -Roll Cage

    -Bucket Seats and Harnesses

    -Aluminium Door cards


    -Oil Catch Can setup

    -K&N Air Filter

    -Braided brake lines

    -Track Pads (Will try Ferodo and Redstuff to see which I prefer)

    -Fidanza Flywheel (standard clutch for now - still on std power)

    -OMP Steering Wheel

    Here's the car when I first got it:


    Interior out:


    I took part in a group buy of Fidanza flywheels on the ITR-DC2 forum and fitted that. It was fun trying to drop the gearbox and lift it back in without an engine hoist. With a hernia! Ended up tieing a rope around my dad and his partner and having then walk backwards to lift the gearbox to the right height.


    Taking the sunroof out to save weight was pretty good fun. The whole thing cost about
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    I drove the car after I'd done most of the weight reduction and the turn in is noticably faster, accelaration of the line is less hesitant and body roll is greatly reduced, even on the stock (and mostly worn out) suspension setup.

    I started making the custom dash a while ago, but decided to hold off fitting it until the roll cage is in, as the shape and mounting may well be affected by this. Also, it's more weight saving that I can leave until later on, as I'm slowly running out of things to take off the car. Bring on the angle-grinder!

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    I forgot to mention my new grill that I made with a cruddy piece of mesh I had lying around.

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    Quick update for the week. I've started making my custom dash (in fact I've started loads of jobs and not finished any of them yet :Tongue: )

    I basically took the dash out, bought a box section strip of metal for about
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    It's been a while since I've updated this thread. I am selling (..or have sold) my Prelude so that I can get the Civic back on the road. Also, it'll be good for it not to be sitting rusting on the driveway.

    The Prelude goes on the 7th of February so I have til around then to get it finished. The brakes need a complete rebuild due to the ABS system coming out and the fact that it's been sat still for most of the year. The rears were starting to stick even before I took it off the road anyway.

    The fronts looked like this:


    Got new disks and caliper rebuild kits all-round from brakes international - very highly recommended, they were helpful on the phone and quick delivery.

    Rebuilding the fronts was easy, just popped the pistons out, new seals in, greased everything up and bolted them all back on.

    The rears are a nightmare. I just spent most of the weekend trying to get the pin out that holds the handbrake cable to the handbrake arm on the caliper. 4-5 days soaked in penetrating oil, applying heat, tapping with a hammer to encourage rust to break, cutting a groove on top and using an impact driver, drilling out the stud (just rounded off my drillbits)..NOTHING worked. In the end I hammered a screwdriver in between the lugs of the handbrake cable and levering a gap large enough to fit a cutting wheel of a dremel through.


    Only tonight have I started dismantling the calipers, the pistons were really stuck thanks to the nice gunge that had congealed in the rubber boot seals and the slider pins aren't much better.

    I still have a bleed nipple stuck in one of the calipers - again I've tried heat, penetrating oil, brake pipe spanners, clamping it in a vice and twisting the whole caliper..etc etc. It's stuck. Relucatantly going to have to try and easy-out next unless anyone can offer any ideas? The bolt is pretty rounded off by now, and I'm getting tempted to send off for refurbished calipers and exchange these to pass the problem on...seeing as I don't have time to much about with this.

    At least the new disks are an improvement


    I took the ABS pump out to save weight and return the car to a complete non-ABS brake system to get it through the MOT. was a pain to do this as the 2 lines seen in the picture below will not come out...none of the above techniques of trying to undo them worked. No matter there, the whole unit is in the bin now, seeing as the ABS didnt work anyway.


    Had to replace the proportioning valve due to removing the ABS pump, so got a 3040 valve here. The old one is on the left, which only connects in-line with the rear brakes so only has 4 fittings. The one on the right has the required 6 (2 from MC, 2 to front, 2 to rear)


    Finally, a shot of the Civic and the Prelude together, which you can't see as it's always!

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    This weekend I wanted to get the car driveable again as it's the last time I'll see the car in daylight before my Prelude goes to it's new home. Sadly, thanks to some pretty nasty cold weather it didnt really go to plan, but here's what I got done:

    In trying to remove the seized bleed screw, I'd tried flattening off the sides and clamping it in a vice, but that didnt work at all.


    I decided to give up so ordered a new one from Brakes int.
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    UPDATE! FINALLY!!!! 17th March 2009!

    I have been working quite a lot on the car over the last few weeks and saving it all up for one big update.

    Where to start!! Um...

    I've stripped out all the cabling from parts that no longer exist, EG rear speakers, rear wiper, electric window, rear demister (it's still there but I will be hopefully replacing the rear glass soon with something lighter) front foglights, headlamp washer and rear washer motors. I've still got some to remove, including the ABS loom that I need to hack out from the rest of the wiring that runs through the drivers side bulkhead.

    Here's the window wiring before I hacked through it all.


    And the foglights and lamp washers being removed. Need to work out what to do with the gaping holes in the front end now.... :lol:



    And some more wiring to come out the next time I remove the dash


    I haven't posted pictures of my brake install yet, so here's my adjustable bias valve mounted behind the handbrake:


    My aluminium sunroof bung wasn't 100% successful as after an 800 mile round trip to Scotland at 70mph it has started to lift at speed - only half an inch or so along the passenger side, but it will need redoing at some point. Rather than recover this, I'm considering removing the whole roof skin and replacing with an aluminium sheet. Especially as I will have a roll cage.


    Also here's a shot of my OMP steering wheel, purchased for a whopping
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    Cheers my man,

    seats look like this:


    ...but I'll get better pics once I've done the passenger side as it was dark when I finished the drivers side.

    I didn't get the light wheels and slicks, so I'll probably just attend Knockhill in June on standard wheels and Parada's this time. Spent enough money on the car recently and need to buy a new drum kit to go with my new band :Tongue:

    Anyway...bucket seats make a great difference. Not as comfortable and bloody awkward to get in and out of the car, but you get so much more feedback about what the car is up to. They're mounted a lot lower down (although I could up the height easily enough with washers :lol: ) which should do well for the cars handling, considering that I am now one of the cars chunkier payloads.

    I've been busy in the evenings this week painting more of the interior, so it's mostly white now. Still got a bit of heat-gunning to do to remove traces of sound deadening, but no real weight left in it.

    Now that I've covered about 150miles on the HSDs, I adjusted the damping tonight 2 clicks towards firmer. I expected a rock-hard ride, but nope, the car just feels even MORE controlled!! I really rate these coilovers! I'll do another click for the drive home tonight (there are 15 clicks in total available).

    Still to come are some camber adjustment arms, and a trip to MIJ Performance for a custom exhaust. As I'm going more for peak horsepower rather than low-down torque, I'm thinking a 2.5" system with de-cat, and will eventually run a 4-1 Header. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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    Decided that as it was raining when I got home from work I couldn't use any power tools outside to get the sound deadening out, so I'd tackle a bit of wiring from my engine bay.

    Within 5 minutes I ended up with this:



    I took the opportunity to remove the washer bottle so that I can move it to the cars interior soon, although I'll probably fabricate a smaller neater container for it.

    I weighed the front cross member...a whopping 3.8kg! So it's not worth removing any time soon considering the crash protection it offers. I'll still remove the bonnet latch when I fork out for bonnet pins.

    I removed some of the wiring for the air-con, the foglights, washer pumps and some of the ABS wiring which was still there. I need to remove the battery again at some point to get under there and get the cabling out through the bulkhead, but got it looking much tidier back there.


    I also removed the power steering belt to see how it feels without it, although I know that as the fluid/plumbing is still in place it won't feel as light as it will when it's completely removed. Still, should free the engine up a tiny bit. I'll report if there's any difference when I've driven it. Once confirmed that I want to do away with PS, I will either loop off the rack, or dismantle the rack and grease it properly, so that I don't have to keep PS fluid in it. I'd prefer to do the latter but it'll mean having the car off road for a few days.

    Update 9/4/09

    Nothing too exciting happening recently other than fitting my other bucket seat, FINALLY getting the rest of the sound deadening out and painting the interior white (needs another coat but it's coming along).

    In preparation for Knockhill in June I am doing a service as I go - already done the oil before I had it MOTd and will do it again when I get back from the track day. Lastnight I re-fitted my power steering belt as it was crap to drive without to be honest...although it would be better if I did it properly, rather than just removing the belt.

    I bought a new timing belt, PAS belt and alternator belt from Honda. I don't actually have a clue when the timing belt was last changed and the car is on 108,000 miles now so it's definately worth doing.


    Also had a new dizzy cap and rotor delivered so got those on lastnight. Surprise surprise, the lower bolt holding the cap on had siezed, so had to remove the whole dizzy so that I had room to get it out...not too lengthy a job though - just make sure if you do it you remember the alignment of the rotor arm so you don't throw the ignition timing out by 180 degrees and the car won't start. Also mark the dizzy and end cap so you can realign the dizzy when you bolt it back on.


    I'm moving house in 2 weeks so progress with the car will be slow, but I've just had some sheets of lexan if it's dry over the weekend I'll be doing something interesting with that....
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    Little bit of an update from today ( 12/04/09 )

    I made one of my lexan window's today. Started by removing the door so that I could cut out the inner skin too - was surprised by how heavy the door is - even without glass and window motors in it. I was going to weigh them but my electronic scales had run out of battery. I'll get the weights when I do the other side.

    Door out:


    Inner door skin removed


    Test fitting:


    Lexan window in place:


    The door is still heavier than I feel it needs to be though, so I'll remove the crash bar from inside (it's welded in so more fun with the angle grinder) and when I've done everything else on the car, might look at fabricating an aluminium panel to replace the entire door..but that's a long way off yet I expect.
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    Long overdue this one...

    As I'm going to Knockhill on the 7th June, I've been getting the car tidied up for this.

    Decided to take the dash out to get at the remaining wiring that needs hauled out and finish the interior paint job.





    Also thought it'd be a good opportunity to fill the gaping hole in the bulkhead from where the air con plumbing used to be.




    This loom now on has 6 cables left in, down from about 14 before


    Plenty of this can still come out next time I go at it



    Also had a wheel alignment done at Powerstation in Tewksbury, and I cannot recommend them enough - they did a great job, very friendly, took their time to do it properly and very pleased with how the car drives now.

    Unfortunately it came to light that my lower nearside wishbone is a bit mishapen, resulting in just under 1degree of castor too much(/little - can't remember which way it was bent), but this explains why the car pulls gently to the left. Already sourced a replacement but won't be fitting it before Knockhill in 2 weeks as I don't have the time.

    Also, the rear camber needs sorted so I'll have to fit adjustable arms at some point - until then, I'm stuck with 2.8degrees at the rear, which makes it a little skittish at the back on the current tyres.

    Speaking of which, I'll be collecting a set of Toyo R888s on the way up north for track use, so I'm quite excited to see how they perform.

    This week I'll be making a passenger doorcard, and working out a way to get the passenger window to open as I'll be embarking on a 2000 mile trip which will include getting to Scotland (Dunblane), 1 track day at Knockhill, then me and a few mates from up there are going on a Top Gear style "Find the best driving road in Scotland" tour of the Highlands! Can't wait.
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    I finally fitted the front lower tie bar obtained from Jon (Honda Evs). It has firmed up the handling a fair bit and is a recommended mod from me. I'm sure it'll be even more beneficial on track.


    As I'm using this pretty much as a daily car at the moment, I thought I'd better do something about the passenger ventilation, so out with the window, and chunky motor, and in with some nice light lexan


    ...and a hatch to poke your head through (also useful for dogging aye?)


    My delicately recessed sunroof also wasn't quite as strong as it needed to be and it always leaked a little, so I went the whole hog and made a frankenstein:


    Some nice grill inserts in the old fog light covers to tidy up the front a little


    And a quick shot of the side of the car, BEFORE I washed it

    240520091085. :lol:

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    All I've managed to do this week is sort the annoying rattle out that developed in my rear bumper since I last had it off - think it was the exhuast but always hard to tell - I cut a few bits away that may have been making contact and it's solved.


    Only got to finish making my doorcard and sort out something out as a washer fluid bottle and it's ready for Knockhill in a weeks time :twisted:
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    Haha, just been given these by my girlfriend...guess what she does when I'm working on the car... ASS WARNING :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:





    I'm sorry it wasn't my girlfriends ass :lol:
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    *Originally posted after I'd been to Knockhill in June 09*

    Just found this video where the guy behind me very kindly, and I'm sure entirely unknowingly filmed the first outing of the Civic on track this weekend.

    The car was just awesome...I knew it'd be a lot sharper than in standard guise, but it genuinely surprised me just how capable it was. I remember the days of being overtaken by caterhams and turbo 4WD's as if I was standing still, but this time I wasn't only keeping up with them, I got past a few too!! :shock:

    Considering my engine is bog standard bar the exhaust and flywheel, and my gear ratios are indeed FAAAAAAR too long, I'm really pleased with the car.

    I'm going to continue to hone the handling though, despite the obvious need for more power, as when the power comes I want the car to be already capable of handling it.

    There's still plenty more weight to come out from various places, certainly from the front of the car - the battery for example, so when I'm back from my holiday in Scotland, the progress will continue!!!

    I'll get more pics soon too :Smile:
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    Few pics from Knockhill




    Wonder who's gonna win this stand-off











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    Apologies for the extreme lack of progress on the car. Been trying to sell a property and had bits of work to do to the girlfriends car so the Civic has taken a back seat (don't worry, it hasn't really, back seats are too much weight for my needs).

    This weekend should see some angle grinder action, starting with the front door inner skins.

    Took the driver door off lastnight and I'm surprised at just how heavy it is! Most of the weight is towards the front of the door too, so I expect some of this may be the heated wing mirror. I'll remove it tonight and get some weights. Unfortunately I don't think I have bathroom scales with which to measure the whole door - might be a wee investment this weekend :Tongue:

    Currently got a big choice to make re making the drivers window a lexan one with sliding hatch. In this weather, it'll be horrible, and it'll make it tricky getting into the car park at work each day when I have to swipe my pass, but in the name of weight I think I can put up with it :lol:


    These stickers are worhth 6bhp


    Also a quick shot of my HSDs and adjustable camber arms. Not happy with the angle of the upper wishbone at current ride height, but little can be done about that without changing or modifying the upright so that's something research for the future.


    I'm going to be compiling detailed diagrams of the suspension geometry so that I can analyse on paper exactly what will happen to the suspension in roll, bump and droop, and I'll document the process as I go (although I don't want to give everything away - this will be a competition car after all).
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    It's freezing outside, but I'm a real man and was out angle grinding things today. Finally got around to gutting the last of my (excessive amount of) doors.







    It's still chufting heavy though!! Haven't weighed it yet, but I reckon I can get away with getting more metal out someday.

    I had a quick go at the hinges, but after breaking a couple of drill bits and had enough of being outside, I only got this far.


    There's a bit of rust down here at the bottom of the wing, just above the sill. MOT is due in 2 weeks so not sure how well the car will fare.


    Being below zero doesn't stop me for long :Grin: Just taken my dashboard out so I can re-route my battery cable, mount my new washer bottle, and remove some more redundant wiring :Smile: Pics over the weekend.

    Here's the new location for my battery, although I'll be changing it for a lightweight gel one in the summer when I'm using the car less.


    Also bought an early Xmas present for myself, I'll get these fitted up ASAP. Lying on the ICE doing it doesn't sound too fun, but it's not stopped me before.


    Merry Christmas all :Smile:
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    And that's it up to date (24th Dec 09). Sorry for random comments in some of the posts, I've just copied them from other forums without much editing. I'll keep this up to date from now on.