Massive rant - Drunk Driver Hit & Run

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    Hi peeps.

    Tonight at around 10:20pm whilst visiting my mum in Milton Keynes, and whilst my car was parked on the road outside her house... Some drunken f***ing c*** decided to career down the road hitting at least 2 cars and ripping the wheel of theirs... and then did a runner.

    I was just thinking about going to bed when I heard a screech/bang/screech/bang/screech within perhaps a second or maybe less... I looked out the bedroom window and saw nothing... opened the window and looked up the road and could see a faint hint of smoke wafting down the road and what looked like lights about 150yrds or more... it's just as the road bends and there's lots of traffic parked... which blocks the view mostly.

    I grabbed my shorts and a tshirt, picked up my keys as people were starting to come out of their houses.

    Started walking down the road towards the people and found a neighbour looking at his car a Ford Focus missing most of the front bumper.

    At first I thought it was his car and another further up that had been hit... but another neighbour further down was walking up and called me over to tell me mine had also been hit... In fact, mine took the brunt of the damage.

    In short.. it's a write off. It's half ripped the front passenger side wheel off, damage to bumper, wing A pillar, door, sill the wheel has been bent massively and it ripped a 6 inch chunk out of the tire side wall.

    Police were called and I've got a crime number, already spoken to insurance to start the claim... will deal with the rest in the morning. Police have a description of the driver, plus people saying he was unsteady and stank of booze.

    But the worst part... no fucking insurance.

    However this goes down... I need a new car... what that car will be I have no idea... I want something sporty again though... I just know I'll be out of pocket by a lot of money after all I've spent on this car. I'd taken a car that needed some TLC and made her mint.

    I'm now without a car... hopefully because I'm fully comp I'll get a hire car and they can claim that back from the motor insurance bureau, same for my excess I believe... Will know more in the morning when they call back with more info.

    I'm hoping that they pay out at least £2500 minus my excess (should get that back later) of £200... and I've got some money saved that was ear marked for doing up my house. But it's going to completely wipe me out again and leave me penniless... so I need to find a car and do any repairs within that budget... as It will take me at least 12 months to save up that much again.

    I'll have to strip some parts like the dash and reversing cameras.. those lovely powder coated wheels... only 3 of them left now...

    I am angry, upset and feeling like I want to punch something right now.

    This is the piece of shit that hit the cars... at least my wheel stayed attached... his came off 150yrds up the road and wedged underneath the car.
    IMG_20190818_224307308. IMG_20190818_224315608.

    The other car I know he hit was a Ford Focus.
    IMG_20190818_224205437. IMG_20190818_224210526.

    And finally... my car... It's a lot worse that it looks... damage to steering, suspension, axle and so forth as well as the wing, door, A pillar, wheel and bumper.

    IMG_20190818_224118135. IMG_20190818_224126126. IMG_20190818_225105781.
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    More pics, insurance confirmed that the other party was not insured.

    Luckily I'm fully comp and they've already kind agreed that the car is a write off... a hire car is being arranged and delivered to me this afternoon... They can collect the car and take it too storage but because I want to remove the dashcam wiring and a few other things I'm going to use my own breakdown/recovery to get the car home so I can do that.

    I've decided to try and find another 7th Generation if possible... that might be a diesel or it might be a 2.4 saloon... depends what I can find... and it also depends if and/or how much I can buy this back for.

    Been scouring autotrader to price up cars and see if I can get a rough idea of payout... they vary greatly but the average seems to be between £2300-3000 for cars with no more than 10k extra miles or 20-30k fewer miles.

    So if I can pay my excess and buy the car back, and still come out with 2k... it means I've got a budget of up to 4k for a replacement inc any immediate repairs that will be needed.

    If I can't find or get another Accord... I'm considering the CR-V with the CDTi not the I-DTEC because I don't want DPF related issues down the road.

    If another Honda doesn't come along... I am seriously considering something very sporty... Like the Alfa Brera 3.2 JTS V6... I'm even considering a Mini Clubman Cooper S as that would give me something sporty + luggage space and I know it's basically a BMW underneath, but I had a Clubman 25yrs ago and it was a lot of fun... death trap, no brakes and no power... but still fun to drive... perhaps it was the risk of imminent death every time you got behind the wheel that made it exciting. :Smile:

    So here are the pics in daylight.

    You can see the skid marks, he hit my car, bounced out and then back in to hit the car behind the van... those are skid marks and brake fluid along the road. IMG_20190819_095200061.

    He caught the side of the bumper, hit the wheel and pushed it back into the wing and A pillar and it's bounced forward and is resting against the wing and liner.
    Wheel is fecked, tyre has a massive hole in it.

    Looking into the wheel well, behind where the wheel 'should' be sitting you can see a massive 8-9" split in the bodywork. That's NOT part of the liner.

    Damage to the door, a-pillar, hinge and sill... That's structural damage.


    For good measure, the mirror was scuffed too.

    IMG_20190819_095138918. I'm not going to say what I would like to do to the toe rag who did this... but it wouldn't be pretty... unless you count pretty messy. :Smile:


    Thankfully no one was injured... it's just a few cars that are now scrap metal... But anyone who drives drunk is a worthless POS and I would not hesitate to call the police on any one who does it... even if you were family or my best mate... I'd stop you however I could. People like that don't deserve sympathy or compassion... they deserve to be locked up.

    If I hear back from the police about their investigation into finding the driver... I'll let you know.

    Likewise they is the possibility of parts being available at some point if I do buy it back for spares on a replacement.

    If anyone has a lead on a good condition EX spec (must have heated leather, satnav optional) saloon 2.4 or saloon/tourer CDTi in the 7th Generation in the Northants, Bucks, Beds area... let me know ASAP please. If you know of a good 2.4 8th Generation saloon with those same features... let me know too.

    I'm literally looking for something immediately.

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    Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus, I'm sorry to see this. Hopefully he gets the book thrown at him.
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    What the Heck(ler)... :bigeyed:

    Have you tried Gumtree? Got mine for a grand (really high mileage and lots to do) and it's a kind of solid car. Usual wear and tear (and rust) however passed its last MOT faultless (after repairs). I've gone a wee bit OTT with some repairs (look at the brake pics) but it's done 2500-3000 miles in the last fortnight w/out any hicups.

    Might be worth a punt looking there.

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  5. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

    I actually ended up picking my CU3 up from Dumfries, seems cars are a lot cheaper in Scotland.
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    Scotland Axel Kilbirnie
    That's why I live up here and love it... :lol::Rolf::gotcha::mosh:
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  7. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

    Yeah, 4 hours in an Aygo with the missus was worth it though. :Laughing:
  8. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I'm currently scouring ebay, autotrader and gumtree... found a couple identical to mine, colour and spec... similar mileage (within 20%) and either a 57 or 08 plate... so far all of them are within 60 miles and priced around 2k. So I'd expect to be able to get them around the 1700 mark. I can do that tomorrow if needed without waiting for the ins money to come through.

    Another annoying thing... mines got a full tank of diesel and I don't know what to do about it?

    We tried rolling the car today after jacking it up and straightening the wheel. drive shafts are still in place but suspension is bent/broken so when you try to roll the car the wheel moves towards the front/rear of the wheel well. So it's going to be tricky to get it home as insurance recovery will simply take it to a storage yard ready to be broken and my breakdown service turned round and said they wouldn't recover it because of the damage... and that's with the so called 'platinum cover'

    I almost went to look at a black 07 accord today, it was round the corner from my mums in MK... then I noticed it had 262k on the clock and they still wanted £1300. For comparison, I sold my tourer with 174 on the clock for £700... So that's a £500 car... and for that price it might do as a temp runabout until I can find the right one.

    But I'm still not 100% certain I want another.... I 28yrs of driving I've had 3 accidents... one in 97 when I clipped the corner of a bumper when a humpty stopped in the middle of the junction after pulling out... and the other 2... both in Honda Accords. I do prefer Jap built cars but I'm also wondering if Honda's are a jinx for me. I know this wasn't my fault in any way, and the other was 50-50 according to the ins last I heard.

    I want something more sporty... and I really am leaning towards a Mini Clubman Cooper S... I'll have a budget of around 4000-4500 when the ins money comes through and that will get me a decent 2007ish one with 80-100k on the clock... I think 2007 is the year when they switched from supercharger to turbo... and I know the supercharger version is around 165bhp but with a few easy mods that cost around £400-500 you can get them to around 210bhp.

    Then I've kinda fallen for the Alfa Brera 3.2 JTS V6 too... but those are hard to find with the specs I want (no heated seats are a deal breaker due to my back and arthritis)

    Then if I'm considering those types of cars... should I open the field up to everything inc the dreaded cockmonster cars of audi/BMW... hell, the mini is basically a BMW underneath anyway.

    I'm not getting a diesel with a DPF... so that rules out 90% of 8th Generation Accords and it's really hard to find a 2.4 accord let alone an 8th Generation... even 2lts in the 8th Generation are hard to find in the EX spec or even the Type-S with full heated leather.

    I'm tempted to scour ebay for something close for £200-300 with a few months MOT left on it, just to get me around whilst I look for the right car... otherwise I may end up buying something due to urgency rather than something I really want.
  9. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

    Find a local 'Fuel Doctor', ring them and ask as they'll have the equipment to drain the tank.
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    Could an FN3 Civic be out of the question? They're a 3 door 2.2 I-CDTI (no DPF) and some, I believe, had heated seats. Granted, it's smaller, but they're still quite a nice drive.
  10. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I'm not a fan of that shape Civic at all... the last good looking Civic was the EP3 in my opinion... and I was considering getting a Type-R for weekend/summer fun as a second car. But not really practical as a daily.

    I'm all over the place wondering what to do... emotionally I'm angry, upset... even more angry and upset, pissed of like you wouldn't believe with a hint of 'oooh, getting a new car' thrown in.

    If I was going to get a Civic... it would have to be a Type-R or it's not worth bothering. I've found a couple of 2lt 8th Generation Accords for around the 4k mark on 58-59 plates.. not perfect power wise or MPG's... but it would do.

    The other alternative is to simply find a cheap 2k or under 2007-2008 accord cdti in good nick and think about a second sporty car for those weekends and/or track days and trips to the nurburgring I want to do again (can you believe it's been 11yrs since I last went).
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    I'd even consider a 2 seater... my budget is just starting to come into range of a 350z or a decent late 2000's MX5 with retractable hard top... those can be supercharged for extra fun.

    But would I be happy with such a small car, very little boot space and unable to carry more than 1 passenger.
  11. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Found an 08 plate CDTI EX same colour and spec as mine in Brum, 1 owner, service history, private seller, 137k on the clock... 1795

    Another one in Walton on Thames 100k on the clock, same colour and spec as mine for 2k and another in Ilford with 112k, same colour and spec also for 2k.

    One is west side of London the other east... so could potentially do both in one day... but the Brum one sounds more promising even though higher miles... one owner and full service history is more appealing.
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  12. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

    A friend of mine swears by his 07 I-CDTI, assuming the belt routing is okay and it hasn't been beaten it's not that bad of a car-but the 8th Generation, having tried both, is better in every single way from what I've seen, bar the steering feel (which can be a little vague).
  13. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I'm going to look at an Alfa 159 sport wagon tomorrow... it's not the 2.4jtdm sadly... just the regular 2lt... but it's black and it has the heated seats... and they're RED LEATHER.

    It's well within budget, has less than 100k on the clock... and if it's a good one and the service history checks out (already checked MOT history and it's pretty good with a few minor advisories I need to confirm were done since the MOT).

    It's the closest car I like... everything honda related is down south side of london, or up near leicester, nottingham and coventry.
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  14. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

    I live not far off if you want me to have a provisional gander. If it's the CU3 on 143k in Notts from Magic Motors (not sure if it's sold) it drove fine.
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    Terrible story @Heckler

    I know it doesn't need to be said, but drink driving, drug driving, even driving tired is unacceptable for all right-minded people. A car is a weapon, and too many people forget that.

    Anyway, on the car front I'm a huge MINI fan, albeit more the first generation of the new MINI. The Clubman came in with the second gen, and isn't supercharged despite the bonnet scoop. It's a petrol/turbo on the Cooper S, supplied by PSA. In terms of the model identifier, they're generally known as the R56, with the Clubman being the R55 for some reason. A couple of years ago Modern Mini magazine nominated me for their annual 'lifetime achievement award' - that's how long I've been involved in the Mini/MINI scene, although I'm not so much now even though I still have my mint 2004 owned since new in the garage. 74 Clubman, 81 HL, 87 Mayfair, 01 MINI One and now my 04 Cooper, I think I've owned a Mini of some sort since I was 18...and that was some time ago!

    They are well built cars, but don't take punishment well. You need to find one with a full service history, and ensure the interior hadn't led a hard life. Plenty are/were enthusiast owned as second cars, and if you can take your time you will find a nice one. Bear in mind the options list was vast, but I'd say buy on condition first and be willing to miss out on leather, climate etc. by haggling hard - many buyers want the full spec, and those without are often a bargain...

    On the Cooper S, the head can coke up with low use / short runs, but this is a cheap fix. More serious, the timing chain and tensioner MUST be changed after about 50k miles / 7 years or they can break, and thus total the engine. This isn't a cheap job, so find one that's been done. If it's noisy on start up walk away.

    Everything else is pretty bullet proof AFAIK.

    Good luck!
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  16. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

    Bloody valuable point.
  17. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    I may very well take you up on that... please let me know if you see something in your area and can take a quick look... If you can find a 57-08 plate accord like my now wrecked one... I'd consider it as I can swap over parts... But if you spot a 59-59 plate 8th Generation 2lt petrol EX around the £3500 mark or lower... let me know for sure. I've driven a few and like them enough... I just don't trust the DPF side as I've heard horrible stories and I don't do enough longer trips to keep one in peak condition. I do a 25 mile trip a couple of times a week with occasional 50-60 mile trips (non motorway usually) but most of my trips are local within 5-10 miles each way.

    I was leaning more towards the earlier cooper s which I know is supercharged... they go up to a 56 plate I believe as 2007 was the year they switched to a turbo.

    From what I've read, the superchargfed ones are 163bhp but with a couple of mods (a pully mod and a ECU map I think) they can reach 210bhp easily.

    As for the options... there were a couple of million combinations I believe... I really like the idea of a red one with black trim and I especially like the ones that don't have the big speedo in the middle, and have 2 small dials in front of the steering wheel and the centre dial is a mix of boost pressure, clock, fuel, temp and so forth.

    But because of my back issues and the arthritis that I am unable to take anti inflammatory meds for... I really need heated seats during the winter... it's actually a deal breaker... and I've yet to find a mini clubman cooper s that has them listed as an option on any of the ones I've seen for sale.

    I'll be sure to check for timing chain/tensioner on any I look at.
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  18. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Mine is red with a black roof, has navigation so has the two small dials and has heated seats...but it is only a Cooper and is automatic! It's also better than new condition with only 13k dry miles. Last year it was acclaimed as the most original/best condition of its type. Pity I don't live closer, I'd love to come and look at cars with you, but I'll help with advice here where I can.

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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    really do love the colour mate...
  20. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    @FirstHonda she's a beaut... I'd love one like that... I'd do the scoop, wheels and chrome trim on black too. :Smile:

    The reason I'm leaning towards the clubman rather than the mini is the extra space... I do miss my old tourer. So a clubman would be my choice. Spotted a nice blue/black one in Rugby on ebay.

    Got this one on my watch list too

    But it's in Bradford, so not easy to pop up and take a look... about 155m trip each way

    I've also found some one selling the same wheels as I have on my accord... so If I find another, I can get one of them powder coated again and save the other 3... they do look good and I don't want to lose them if possible.