Sold Manitou Sherman 170mm Fork - Used

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    ITEM - Manitou Sherman 170mm Forks (Comes with the 20mm Maxle)

    PRICE - £70
    LOCATION - TF1 - Telford
    CONDITION - Okay Condition/Ideal if you are after a cheap set of long travel forks 

    Hi Guys,

    My Manitou Sherman 170mm travel coil sprung free ride forks, they are 1.5" steer and the length is around 215mm so is pretty long. They have rebound and compression adjustment, the compression is through the SPV system which uses air pressure so can be fine tuned. The lock out is temperamental and as such I've never used it, not really sure why you would want to lock out a 7" fork!

    The forks are well used and were serviced by TF a good while ago, they have a few scuffs and rub on lowers and crown. Stations have signs of wear and a few light scratches which I've tried to picture, They are by no means in perfect condition but would ideally suit someone wanting to try a single crown long travel fork for cheap



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