Engine & Gearbox main differences from B18c and B18c4

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    what is the main differences between these as im thinking of putting a mb6 engine in instead of a teg as it is cheaper. I know they have a bit less power but why?

  2. Bong Guest

    Pretty much everything

    Buy a C4 if you want a C4 and buy a B18C if you want B18C it will work out more expensive trying to make a B18C4 a B18C
  3. Sam. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Pistons are different and the B18C4 runs lower compression

    The B18C4 has a different inlet manifold which is more restrictive IIRC?

    197bhp from a B18C

    185bhp from a B18C4.

    Most people say if you put a S80 LSD gearbox from a ITR either a 96 or 98 spec then it improves the engine massivly.

    Hope this helps buddy.
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    just thought i'd correct you there buddy the c4's out of the mb6 are 170bhp :Wink:

    honda did a import Integra called the si and the engine was basically a reworked c4 they stamped it up as a b18c and that is a 180bhp

    the uk spec Integras (Type-R's) are 187bhp and the jap import Integras (Type-R's)are 197 BHP

    main differences between the JDM Integra engines 197 BHP and the b18c4's are basically everything lol

    oil pump, crank, piston's the head is different, cams and valve terrain are more aggresive in the ITR not to mention that the ITR's come wih the desirable

    s80 boxes

    i can go on lol

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    Ah yeah sorry Sam, im just at college and thought id post up a bit of info.

    S80 boxes are good upgrades for the B18C4 and would be a nice upgrade insted of a B16A2.
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  7. Beau23 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    all about budget and what your willing to pay. Or could do the poor man'Type-S-R conversion like what i'm doing lol
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    ah k so i might as well save up more and get the B18c. also what you mean by the 'poor mans Type-R conversion'?
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    You can turn a B18C4 into roughly ITR spec easily enough - cheaply too

    The ultra cheap way would be:

    A B18C4 engine @
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    Majority of Japanese engines are more powerful than UK equivalents as they have slightly higher compression (due to piston design) and as they have access to higher RON fuel their ECU's can use more ignition advance without risk of detonation.

    When running a JDM engine on the JDM ECU on UK fuel you may not actually make the 'full' claimed max power figure.

    My brother has a JDM Integra Si B18C engine in his EG and it shifts. He's mapping it for UK fuel and single runner intake manifold and EK9 cams, so should be pretty fast.
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    i wouldn't bother trying to make it something its not either save your pennies or do a s80 swap aparently that helps out a lot
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    yeah i guess so its probably worth saving the money a bit more then. to gett he real deal.

    anyone know much much a good Type-R swap would cost without labour? ie. all the parts needed?
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    mate I've just put the c4 conversion in and trust me its not shit, i can keep up with my mates 96spec teg and I've got mine in a coupe!
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    im building a poor mans teg so ilol tell ya WOT its like gunna get it rolling roaded b4 and after!
  15. jordman26 Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Did you do your conversion yourself or got someone to do it? If so how much did it cost?
  16. foxyboy333 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    My Jordan goes pretty damn well.

    I got a C4 with Victor X intake, full toyo exhaust, stage 3 cams, forged internals and running a S9B transmission. Takes a little while to get through the gears but its all torque no flat spots whatsoever. can't wait to apply some boost
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    Thread is 4 1/2 years old ... lol
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    Oh yeh haha
    I blame Jordman, i saw it on the homepage as is if it was a new topic lol
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    alot of talk but no one has answered his question, he knows a c4 is 170 BHP and a c is 200 but he wants to know the diffence between the engines, the difference is the b18c has higher compression pistons, it uses a better crank with a racing girdle so it dosent spin bearings like a a c4 does, its uses a totaly different cylinder head that's ported and polished by hand, its used better cams and stronger valve springs and different intake and exhaust manifolds and the engine was assembled by hand, sure u cam put Type-R cams and change intake mani on a c4 and with a remap you will see 200bhp easily but its not the same as a b18c, the b18c is a hand built super reliable endurance racing engine 
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    Looks like uve just answered it for us.

    What bearings are you onna bout? I rebuilt my C4 with 2500 worth of internals don't understand which bearings can spin, maybe im being thick but bearings are supposed to spin thats the purpose of them. If u mean main bearings how the hell can they spin when they are two halves and have cutouts so they cannot move so i have no idea what ur onna bout
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