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  1. yoshibits Commercial Services Trader

    Hi guys 

    My name is josh and I own a business that designs, manufactures and sells car JDM parts. Cutting out the middle man enables us to get very competitive prices.

    we are very interested in becoming a trader on civiclife.net.

    I won't say who I am from as that could be seen as advertising etc.

    I own a 180sx and allways attend large meets such as the south mimms and japfest etc so know lots of honda and Civic owners and they all say this is the better comunity of honda owners so I thought I would sign up :Smile: .

    The 180 is by no means a pretty car, its more like Beast no beauty !!!!


    Sr20det non vvt

    larger gap plugs

    greddy fmic and piping

    stock T25G (0.7bar)

    wallbro 255 fuel pump 


    HKS down pipe

    HKS down pipe back system

    HKS EVC 3 Boost controller

    Tein Tension arms

    Meister R coilovers (8/6)

    Front Cusco strut brace

    Rear Cusco strut brace

    Type X kouki bumper

    JDM air delfectors

    Rays Gramlights 57 17x7.5/8.5 

    Federal RSR595 Track tyres 

    4 point K Sport harness

    Memory Fab s57 carbon bucket seat

    snap-off boss

    nardi deep corn

    stripped interior

    Drift Knob

    Greddy Boost, Water temp, Oil temp, Oil press Gauges


    When I first got it 






    My better 1/2 had an FN2 for 2 years but sold it last month and got a silvia spec s!!!!

    so here are a few pics of it





    and her new s15


    Standard nissan owners weekend


    so, yeah that's me :Smile: if an admin could pm me to get the traders sorted that would be spot on.


  2. Porker Guest

    Got your message mate, working on it.
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