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    Hi I'm new to this forum as I'm looking for a decent independent Honda mechanic in the Leeds/Bradford area. My mechanic of many many years was Dennis Squires of DS Autos in Shipley, real Honda enthusiasts in the region will have known Dennis and his mate John. Top blokes, top mechanics and all round honest blokes who looked after my Hondas like they were their own. Unfortunately Dennis passed away last year and ever since I have been looking for a mechanic who knows their Hondas and isnt a rip off merchant. My car is a 16 year old Honda CR-V - with 80K genuine miles on the clock and in top nick - I just want it to last as long as possible and unfortunately all I am encountering is cowboys out there. Came on here to ask if anyone knows of any other decent mechanics in the Leeds/Bradford area. Hope you can help.
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    Hi there. I take my CR-V to Citraulix in Bradford. Dean one of the owners has a diesel CR-V himself and is a decent mechanic. Tell him Gav told you to get in touch if you need them. Not Honda specialist but he knows his stuff. Cheers, Gav.