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    I have been dumped with task of finding and purchasing car for my sister in law, she is learning at this moment so hopping that we should be able to buy something for her, I have been looking for reliable little car for her and I narrow down do Jazz 1.4 I-DSI budget is around £1500 to £2000 so should get something with reasonable condition, maintenance side of things will all be covered by my self but as I never own Honda in my life looking for advice from you what to look out on this particular model,specially common problems, maintenance cost ECT..

    Most will be town driving, to and from work trips with kids.

    Also would consider the i-VTEC budget permitting and if is better then I-DSI

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    hi its custom to into and add club to garage.
    As for petrol or diesel am wrong person to ask, as i am petrol head so will be biased, what type of daliy driving will be done by SIL ?
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    I bought two Honda Jazz-es, one for my SIL and another for her friend afterwards.
    They are brilliant and tough little beasts. You will be surprised how much they can handle. I would say it is an ideal choice for a new driver for these reasons. It should suit the purpose for which you say it will be used.

    If you can stretch to a MKIII, you will get the rear "magic" seats - they move forwards, backwards, split, lift up the bottom bit etc. You can fit a surprising amount of things into them! The MKII rear seats are not bad either. Most owners are unaware of these functions, but they are a good way to find some dirt and start a price reduction conversation...

    My two cents:
    • If auto, please check the regularity of the transmission fluid changes. The CVT's will jerk and become very noisy prior to giving you a lot of problems. Plenty short trips don't help the situation (like school runs!) , though there is a claim that a new kind of fluid works better. Still, better one that has been serviced regularly.
    • If manual, check the gear selectors. Problems have been known in these areas.
    • Put the gear into 2nd, turn steer full to the left and go full circle a number of times. You are checking for a clicking noise. If present, walk away - reverse selector likely sticking.
    • In all models at this price range, please check the spare tyre area under the floor in the boot region. They tend to collect water here as there is a lining that leaks form the top of the boot. Some owners simply drilled a hole in the bottom to let the water out, but the true fix is to change the lining at the top of the boot and check to ensure that there is no crack in the filling around the hinge areas. You are looking for sings of rust or for any strange holes to be properly protected.
    • The DSI engines are petrol ones and come with 8 spark plugs. You want to check these have all been changed on schedule. Many garages are unaware of this and only deal with the front ones. Some choose not to because of labour/cost.
    • An EGR block/fault will bring up a check engine light; easily fixed but good to get a reduction for. Do you have a diagnostic tool? A good blast up the highway clears the EGR faulty code in most cases anyway.
    • Check the parking brake - they slip with age and need a really hard tug to engage properly. Easily fixed by changing rear brake pads, but again can use to reduce price.
    • Make sure the A/C works - compressor failure not unheard of.
    Then just the same general checks you would perform on any car. If you find a good Jazz, you will be on to a good thing. You can even gain a new status as someone who knows his cars in the family :boast:!
    And iDSI engines have some excellent MPG!,
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    The Truly Amazing Honda Fit/Jazz

    If you can stand technical stuff...
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