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    if you have a favourite classic in your garage it can be a toil trying to keep rust and dust to bay. Twenty years ago I had this problem with my collection of motorcycles and decided I would buy a carkoon of car size and put six bikes in to see how it coped with looking after them and after twenty years it still doing a fantastic job. If you have not seen one before it’s a plastic tent made in two half’s you drive your car or bikes on to the base part and pull the other half over the car or bikes and zip it together and switch it on to power the two computer fans through a transformer that’s 12 volt and that’s it. Other than a set of filters nothing has gone wrong those fans have been running all this time none stop. I have just taken a couple of bikes out as I am selling most and apart from a bit of dust there just as I put them all those years ago. All so on long term test is the honda cb750 k2 that I bought new in 1973.

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    mate some nice looking bikes...
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    Your username is spot on!
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    Excellent, worthwhile investment