LOL at bloke driving last night!

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    I was driving to Shell garage to fuel up my car and upin returning back home theres a roundabout where you go straight to the village where I live. Now my car is quite nicely modified and the weather was poop and the roads were wet/icy so theres no excuse not to incorporate common sense.

    I noticed some headlights heading very close to me in my rear view mirror and it seems this guy wanted to race.

    Well I wasnt racing for shit and I wanted to get home in one piece...

    Anyways heading towards roundabout I head straight towards it and flick the steering wheel left and then right slightly to navigate round it to head straight (as you do) and applying brakes so I dnt skid and even indicate my intentional direction...

    Well I looked in my rear view mirror and head a squeal and the car behind me was facing the wrong way! It seems he was a bit overzealous and spun out of control! I didnt hear anything but my god that guy was lucky there wasnt any cars at that moment heading towards him otherwise 'CRASH' - but I did see some cars opposite road heading there and slowing down to let this duschbag correct himself. Needless to say I think he changed his Y fronts that night! :Grin:
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    was you driving on mountain roads delivering tofu? lol
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    Haha you just gave me a good idea!

    Spray my car CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE and get Aceimage to create Tofu Store decals!

    Man what a great idea!!!
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    I'm disappointed you just suggested you took a snowy roundabout in a mature manner.

    * does not condone such shite on public roads*
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    Gary DOT does :Tongue:
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    so lemme set the scene here for you and rewrite your original post with a more believable story, I mean we all know what you said was true, just the watered down here goes:

    You took your last batch of delivery for the day and you was about to go to your last customer before heading home in your DC2, but on the way you noticed that you needed petrol:

    so you decided to pull into the garage to get some fuel, more specifically this one at night...


    but as you were filling up you noticed, a car drove by the filling station, slows down and you can help but look at his car as he slowly rumbles by, you noticed it's a yellow RX7, and as you were admiring the car, he opened the window a little, just enough so he can lock eyes on you...


    he then proceeds to drive off spinning his rear wheels and bouncing off the rev limited a few times, and as you watch him drive off with him hitting the limiter and listening to the backfire of the exhaust popping, you hear CLICK, it made your heart skip a beat, and then you realise that you just filled up a full tank and it was only the pump stopping itself.

    So after paying, you proceeded to drive to your final delivery, in which case because of the wet and icy conditions, you decided to take it slow and steady as you already had a telling off that morning from your uncle as you were driving way too fast and destroyed the customer's tofu.


    so you made it to your customer's house without problems and delivered the order, now you thought to yourself "it's pretty icy and cold out there still, I better take it easy on the way home" so on the way back home you have to drive down a mountain road as thats where you customer's location is, more specifically shibukawa mountain, so as you were driving down, you noticed a set of headlights from a distance....


    but you took no notice really and just proceeded to drive, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the door card resting your head, listening to "Remember me" one of the top hits at the moment. You look back on your rear view mirror just to check if the car is still behind you but you see nothing....but just as you're getting back to normal driving you head a loud rev right behind you, headlights pop up and all of a sudden you hear a all too farmiliar sound....

    it's the RX7 behind you!!!


    so you downshifted from 5th to 3rd and attempted to outrun him, as you were driving down the mountain road, you noticed signs for a roundabout, you quickly tapped your brakes and indicated left just in time to make the roundabout and turn into your neighbourhood, but whilst looking back, you heard a big skid then a bang, and you noticed the rx7 has spun out and crashed.

    Then you look back in your rear view mirror and saw this

    [​IMG] (it's a supra I know, but oh well lol)

    so satisfyingly you knew you defeated an RX7 and live to tell the tail another day!

    Is that what really happened yeh? lol
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    Quite impressed that RX7 managed to turn itself into a supra!
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    and Hoggans sons one at that

    PS that picture if fricking huge
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    I enjoyed that story
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    Fair play, a nice story on a wintery christmas eve :Smile:
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    lol asweome stuff
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    yeah, thats nick hogans supra!

    nice story though!!
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    That second story was more like it!
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    lol I wish! I love to be a Tofu delivering guy who happens to drive rear wheel drive car on a mountain! :Smile:

    lol u people - HAPPY XMAS EVERYONE!
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    second story FTW

    First story FTL
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    lol the story is a worthy hardback