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    decide im going to go kick the ball about with some mates, go to get in my car and driver side locks frozen, so i open the passenger door and open drivers door from inside, some how i must of put the lock on instead of off,

    some time passed and its not half 12 at night, its freezen cold, everythings frozen, its started to give little bits of shitty snow, i go to open my car, and blammo door won't budge, i try passenger side that won't budge either, its LOCKED, i look at my igntion and my keys are swaying and smiling at me, FFUUUCCCKKK.

    i know i don't have a spare key, thats what i really needed to do before this happened, didnt have anything to slide down the foor and try and unlock it from the inside, let alone my hands now felt 3 times bigger now they were numb i couldn't be bothered arsing with it, get my mates tool kit out and look for heaviest thing, took 3 attempts with some minature braker bar thing,

    then had to use my hoody on my seat as the glass went everywhere, so now i was just in a t shirt, with the window open, driving in cold as fook weather, then when getting home struggling to tape up the window, now today i have the joys of cleanning out all the glass, and fitting a new window which a mate might have, but as he finished work at 4, i will be doing it in the dark,

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    Fucking ace pic though.
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    You Legend.
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    You are a tit, could have phoned me or your brother and i would have told you a few ways you could have had a shot at getting in without breaking a window.
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    i phoned home, mike was in bed, he sent a honda key that doesnt fit his car nor mine,

    it was too cold to stand about, and that fact it was in the front bit of the highschool, i didnt want to leave it there on the last day of school, next to a load of fuck nuggets with my keys in the ignition,

    it was barrys idea to do the window in, i just couldn't be bothered finding another solution.
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    again thats an epic pic
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    lol :Smile: i did this last week it worked out cheaper for me to smash my back window on my EG than get a locksmith lol :Frown: the worst thing is i had just took the door card off to fix my lock, turned around and it closed :Frown:
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    Fair enough; we wouldn't have been much help anyways, we had a lock in at the powfoot hotel playing football in the function room then the prime of Annan academys christmas dance showed up, was awesome.

    You getting a window off Rich? Not a big job really, hit everything with silicone whilst your at it as i remember the ICE road warrior having slow windows
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    Should have gone through the windscreen, insurance covers it :Grin:

    Did the same thing with my house keys this morning. Put them in my coat pocket before going out, I picked up a different coat and went out :Tongue:
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    there is a really easy way of gettin into a honda however i hant post it on an open forum, and no it doesnt involve breaking glass
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    i've locked my keys in my old corsa before! stupid really as i had over
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    locked my keys in the car a couple of months back. Just forced the passenger window down. No damage, leccy window still works fine :Grin: . So if anyone wants to nick my car I would appreciate it if they didn't bend the door back or smash the window, cheers.
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    Feel your pain. I locked myself out of the office a few months back. everyone else was over seas on business at the time. So i went to focus diy to get some canes and duck tape to make a fishing rod to fish out the keys off my desk. Put the canes, duck tape and coat hanger in my boot. Shut the boot with my car keys in :Frown: . I don't mind making mistakes but when i don't learn from them i really feel like a prick. Luckily i had my window open slightly so i got back in and spent the next hour fishing through the letter box with a crowd watching and laughing at me (as our office is on a busy highstreet).

    Ahh well i will never do that again.
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    SAME thing happened to me mate! glad got it sorted
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    My mate once done this. His central locking was fuked and use to lock by itself lol

    Only problem was he had turned the car on to warm it up lol

    About an hour and a half later the AA turned up, the problem was fixed but the tank was empty lol
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    it must of been my central locking dying,

    just pulled in a carpark with some mates to kick a ball about, left keys in the car, got out started playing about, came back to the car 20 mins later opened the door got a drink, closed. came back again got in checked my phone no problem, half 12 go back to my car to go home, now it won't open,
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    shit sorry for the size :Messed: