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    Hi there,

    So as the title says, I was stupid and locked the keys in the car, in the ignition. I read in the manual that the car will not lock itself with the keys still in the ignition so I thought nothing of it. I was trying to jump start it and left the keys in while hooking the leads up, went back to start the engine, and it was locked. Couldn't believe it, only had the car a day and a half. Either way, the bonnet was open when it happened, so I've put a piece of rubber in the way of the locking mechanism so It doesn't close. I have a feeling that there may be something I can do with the bonnet open. Maybe stick some a rod through a grommet in the firewall, or maybe there's something electrical I can do I really don't know. Hopefully someone here has some ideas. Also, No spare key, remote lock and key itself both on the same keyring in the ignition chamber.

    Looking forward to hearing back, Hope someone here has some ideas!

    Many thanks, Michael.
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