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    Hi all,

    Just a quick hello to introduce. I bought a nicely looked after black FR-V 2.2 ICTDI 6 speed a couple of months ago. Although it's done 195k miles, it's been looked after and has FSH but from an indie, but it's all done bang on time with many hundreds of pounds spent on it. I like it and it's my first Honda.

    I'm 37 and based in Liverpool and I will soon start posting. I'll probably help more than anything as I'm a car enthusiast, but my first post will be about the P0193 code!

    See you all around!
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    United Kingdom Charlie Brigg North Lincs
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    England Dave Birmingham
    Hello and welcome, glad you found a looked after car and your happy with it. :Thumbup:
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    Thanks for the welcome rimmo and Bones126, I'd be happier if I could sort out whats causing the pressure in the rail to be high (see post in the N engine). Thanks again.
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    Hello and welcome to Honda Karma @deian :Hey:

    I would take your FR-V to a Honda dealer or a Bosch diesel specialist to identify the true cause of the issue, before you go buying parts.