Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dies

Discussion in 'Music Section' started by Heckler, Thursday 20th Jul, 2017.

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    Chester Bennington: Linkin Park vocalist 'took his own life' - BBC News

    I am seriously gutted right now, I loved their music and have seen them live twice... Once at Birmingham Area on the Meteroa tour and again at Milton Keynes bowl as it's where I grew up, and where I've been to see so many bands, from U2, Simple minds, Guns N Roses and Queen... to Linkin Park which was the last gig I actually went to.

    I often have a selection of their albums playing in the car, it's great driving music.

    I wasn't this upset when Bowie died and I loved Bowie...
  2. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    It's funny how these unexpected things have a habit of hitting the spot.
  3. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    It's hitting harder because today (21st) is the 1st anniversary of my dad's passing... So I'm already feeling a little fragile as it is... Hearing some one you admired for their music has taken their own life... hits hard.
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    Another unique artist that has left us. Sad times. :Frown:
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    United Kingdom James Chesterfield
    That is a shock :Frown:
    Did not know about Chris Cornell either, double blow there.
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    Sad news, sad circumstances. Thoughts are with his family!
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    I was going to post a new thread but glad I found this one.

    this year has flown by and I’m still touched by it everyday.

    my wife doesn’t get it and tbh I didn’t get it when Micheal Jackson, Whitney Huston or David Bowie died. I liked their music but almost said to people ‘get over it!’

    I’ve related to Linkin park since 2001 and hoped it was a joke when I heard the news. I then hated mike and the other band members for not helping him but since learned that he has threatened it so many times I bet they were tired of it.

    its sad that depression kills no matter what friends, contacts and money you have.

    its going to be a tough day on the 20th

    going to text bbc radio 1 and hope they play one more light but I won’t hold my breath.
    karrsnge magazine are doing a year later tribute