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    Hello! I finally bought a 2009 Accord Tourer a couple of weeks ago (YAY!) but unfortunately the DPF light has now come on and it has gone into limp mode (BOOOOO!).

    I been recommended a garage about 20 miles away who are going to have a look at it for me. My question is if it is safe to drive it 20 miles whilst it limp mode with the DPF light on? I do t want to cause any more damage but also don’t want to spend unnecessary cash on recovery when I’m likey to ah e a big repair bill coming my way.


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    I would first return it to the garage you bought it from. 2nd hand cars are protected for six months, any significant faults are the sellers problem. "For second hand cars out of manufacturer warranty it is possible to make a case that the fault was pre-existing and that the repair should be undertaken under the Sale of Goods Act. Much will depend on how soon the failure happens after the sale."

    If it was a private purchase you could contact the seller. Return it and get your money back.

    Put some super diesel in, DPF additive, and drive it and be prepared for other problems.
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    Thanks for your reply Sandy. Unfortunately it was a private sale so I would have to prove that the seller knows about the DPF issue before the sale (I asked him when selling the car and said he’d had no issues with it). One of the pitfalls of buying privaylteky I guess.

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    The DPF needs a forced regen cycle and fingers crossed that solves it... but it could come back in a few months.

    There's a couple of things you can do... remove the DPF and send it off to be professionally cleaned and then be sure to follow the guidelines and every few weeks do a 30+ mile run on a major road at at least 50-60mph, so it can go through it's regen cycle naturally.


    Replace the DPF... which is around a £700 job.

    I don't know what the miles are on your car (add it to the garage so it shows in your sig) but if they're around 100k or more... and you've got no paperwork showing the DPF has been replaced... I'd lean towards the latter option.

    It's why I'll be switching back to a petrol for my next car... I do not want the DPF related issues that all cars with them are having.
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    I don't see why you shouldn't be able to drive it to a nearby garage, so long as it feels to be running ok. As said, a forced regen would be the first step.

    Whatever happens, do not let anyone convince you that having the DPF permanently removed is a good idea. Your car would then be illegal to use on UK roads and will likely fail a future MOT.