liars! and my own stupidity

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    i did a £1.89 hpi check on a car the other day, and it included the last 7 years of MOT's showing any failures or advisories...well worth using a service like it...for 2 quid as well!

    i don't think its one of those money back guaranteed ones but it worked for the simple stuff :Smile:
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    It cost me £750 to get one rear arch repaired on my EK if that's any help.

    It was to repair a dent but they used a new panel.
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    These cars are getting old so everyone expects a few issues but to be lied to is becoming more and more frequent, too many people who have no idea are "working" on cars and bodging things.

    Checking the underside of a car is very hard unless there's a lift there, you end up seeing the best you can and making a judgement call.

    I haven't used the feature where you can see previous MOT's but I can imagine it's ridiculously helpful
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    im not defending the sellers

    but in all fairness it all depends on the way the advert is described.....if the car was advertised as just passing an MOT then thats totally true! the fact they failed to mention the advisories is not their fault, you couldve asked if they were any!?

    rust....this to me when buying a honda means no surface / visible rust, underneath and corroded joints etc thats not what i would interpret as no rust!

    its one of them tbh, yes theres a few things you feel need to be fixed, but obviously not dangerous as MOT tester wouldn't have passed it, learing curve matey!
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    Always use (link removed) for car check in uk they are cheapest one
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    A painful expensive lesson for all used car buyers. Thanks for sharing.
    You don't have to pay for MOT history of any car, it is for free at the gov site-
    and it lists advisories...
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    i usually print the MOT history and include it in the paperwork with the cars I sell
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    I use knowyourcar app on my mobile, it's a free app and gives you any vehicle that you type the ref in for and tells you if it's taxed and moted and MOT history.
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