Show Us Your Car Legend Longevity

Discussion in '2nd Generation (1991-1995)' started by SayamaAccord, Tuesday 13th Dec, 2011.

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    Looking on AutoTrader and Ebay it never ceases to amaze me how long the Legends last.

    Legends dating back to the early 90s are always available.

    The Lexus LS gets plaudits for being a longlasting car but the Legend quietly goes about its business of lasting equally as long but without the fuss.

    Both terrific cars but to my mind the shape of the Legend is much easier on the eye than the Lexus.
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    Lovely cars. I still aspire to own one in many ways but fuel and parts costs concern me.
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    I saw a 07 Legend today in Leeds and it had a bespoke exhaust and it sounded very classy at idle, I wished I had heard it at full song.

    Car like Legend are better off in the middle east or US, its wasted here.
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    They were well above average for reliability back in the day. I think modern Hondas have them beat, though. I've got the maintenance records on my '92 legend back to day one. It lasted 5 years and 56,000 miles before it's first repair (followed by a good hand full more repairs in the next 5 years). My parents have an '05 Acura TL (Honda Inspire?) that went 10 years and 100,000 miles before it's first repair.

    Legends are expensive to maintain these days. The Honda reliability has definitely expired. It's a labor of love now.

    I haven't been in many old Lexus' but riding in a Toyota tends to make me want to fall asleep.
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