Legend 3.2 for 3.5 Engine Swap Advice Needed

Discussion in '2nd Generation (1991-1995)' started by Mike the Legend guy, Thursday 30th Aug, 2018.

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    Hi All.

    Need some help to ascertain effort and cost for my project legend.
    I am taking my '93 legend 3.2 for a compression test next week as I am worried that (very typically of the 3.2) that the head gaskets are starting to go..
    If My fears are realised and the heads are going, I believe that the 3.5 from the '96 model onward can be put in the 93 legend.
    I like this idea as the engine has more power and doesn't have a habit of eating its head gaskets.

    What I need to know is if the engines can be directly swapped without any need for time consuming and expensive fiddling to get it all to work, or if it can simply be slotted in, wired and piped in and be good to go?

    And advice will be greatly appreciated.