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Discussion in 'Member's Reviews' started by Paul, Monday 19th Dec, 2011.

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    When I bought my car it had BFGoodrich tyres on the front (205/55/16). I always thought that they looked under inflated despite having the correct air pressure in them. As a consequence the outside edges wore out (consistant with under inflated). I bought a couple of Kumho Escta Sport tyres from blackcircles for £50 each and had them fitted by a friend.

    First impressions are really good. Loads more grip in the dry and a lot better in the wet. The car would easily understeer with the old tyres but it now feels a lot more planted with more grip. The tread pattern is also good to look at and the quality of the tyre is excellent. I did a bit of reading and it turns out that Kumho have a motorsport past and are OEM for a number of car manufacturers (Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Smart, Ssangyong and Volkswagen). Although the price is cheap the tyre certainly isn't. I think I've found a secret. Anyone else tried them?

    A link to their site is here and interesting read
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    I've got kumho's on my smartcar i think they perform well.
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    Kumho make some very good tyres.

    ku31 (which I think is the tyre that you are referring to in this review) has had a good reputation for a few years as a good sporting tyre. Not quite as good as the good year eagle, but then it is half to two thirds the price.

    The kh11 also had a good rep as a touring tyre.

    The new kh39 and ku39 are getting good reviews.

    They may not give the absolute performance of the likes of Goodyear or whatever, but as a good value proposition they are very good, and a significant step up from the budget brands like wanli etc.
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    Good review on the tyres Paul, I've been thinking about getting Kumhos to replace both my fronts. I might book to get them fitted through Blackcircles.
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    I would suggest buying all your Tyres from Camskill cheapest in the country I believe. Next day delivery too!
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    England CJ Leeds
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    I have just fitted 4 of these ECSTA LE Sport KU39

    I am very pleased with them so far but early doors yet. These tyres are very good once they have a 100 or so miles on them, straight line high speed stability is easily as good as the Bridgestones and cornering at speed is no issue for these. There is very slight overstear mid corner but I was pushing them a little :Smile: however I have not got them to brake away yet!

    Mine are 225 45 17 on Penta alloys, these tyres do not tram line unlike the Pirelli front they replaced.

    They have a slight soft feel to them but that said they are classed as Sports. Although they are classed 94 XL (as recommended by Honda ) they are not HARD nor do they spoil the ride of the Accord.

    It was very wet today so perfect chance to see what these mid range tyres could do in the wet. Most of my drive home is back roads, lots of bends and a little dual carriageway. The tyres were very good. I drove no slower than normal in fact probably a little quicker in places as wanted to test the wet handling. I was impressed! For the money and remember these are a mid range or budget depending who you ask, they were very good. Evacuation of water which was reasonably deep in places was excellent and had no aquaplaning.

    To early to say how they will last.

    Noise, well they are very quiet at all speeds and on most road surfaces other than concrete but then most will be noisy on concrete.

    Protection - Well ... There is none. Kumho state on their website that the KU29 has Rim Protector, it has not. I emailed them regarding this and was impressed with how I was handled, I did this as the rim protector was one of my criteria in looking for my new rubber.. I had felt more than a little annoyed with them. This is ongoing.See photos and decide for yourself

    KU39 1. KU39 2.

    I was offered a refund on return of the tyres however I like them, so will be keeping them, I will just have to be careful...

    If you want the all important rim protection Don't buy these if you want just replacement tyres that perform well but not have to pay top brand money then these are perfect IMHO. If Kumho sorted the rim protection I would buy these again.

    These are the KU39 not the old KU31 which is a tad cheaper but I think alot less tyre for your money. I paid £81 each fitted. Avon and Falken were over £100 a corner fitted and I don't think as good, I have tried both in the past.
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    Just a quick update on this. Tyres now done 12k and need replacing. The tracking is out and scrubbed off the outer edges. There's still about 4mm on the inside edge so of tracking was right were wearing well.
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    Thanks for the review guys. Due to lack of rim protector I've discounted these.

    Ended up ordering some Michelin Primacy 3's, due to there all round performance. Will post a review of those after I've had them on for while.[h=1][/h]
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    Update on my ku39s
    Been great I avoided all kirbs though ..

    Rears are like new and were swapped to front with 5.7mm across whole tyre
    Fronts as to expect did not fair quite so well my tracking is spot on and when she left my hands they were still on the car having covered 18000 miles and having 3.4 on drivers with even wear and 3.6 on the passenger side
    Performance still good and have had no issues with them other than there is NO rim protection

    That said they are a good mid price all round tyre which put egg on the face of many an Audi and BMW I am happy to say.
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    Kumho have been my tyre of choice on several vehicles since 2004 when my tyre bay recommended them. Just need to be careful with kerbs but otherwise outstanding VFM...I do 30k a year and reclaim mileage from work. You can spend a lot more and do a lot worse