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    Item for Sale: Kitchen units

    Price: £250 ono

    Location: Gloucester

    Condition: Used


    Hello All,

    [SIZE=medium]I am selling my kitchen units. 7 in total, three lower units and four upper units.
    Three lower units include one slim cupboard with wheeled cage, one standard unit with a shelf, one unit with 3 draws (has a hole cut out the back for socket) ,the draws have metal wheeled runners and one large double door corner unit.
    Three upper units include all have top skirting as pictured, one large double door unit, one large double door unit with viewing glass and one small double door unit.
    Lower units come with some spare legs, screws and fasteners included. All the units have shelves with in them.
    Work top is included and in ok condition.
    This auction is for the units, one work top, doors screws and fasteners only! Other items included in the pictures are not included.
    Top double cupboard small external = 60cm wide x 29cm depth x 72cm high.
    Top double with glass door inserts external = 100cm wide x 72cm high x 29cm depth.
    Top double large external = 100cm wide x 72cm high x 29cm depth.
    Lower single external = 50cm wide x 72cm high x 57cm depth
    Lower draw unit external = 50cm wide x 72cm high x 57cm depth
    Lower Corner unit = 94cm wide x 72cm high x 84cm depth
    Roller / trolley cupboard lower = 15cm wide x 72cm high x 57cm depth.
    All the units are available and have been removed from the walls. Ready for collection.
    Any questions please feel free to ask.

    [SIZE=medium]Pictures can be found in the below ebay link. (still can't upload to this site???)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]No postage on this and cannot bring to stonehouse, this collection only.[/SIZE]

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    Template and price required buddy..
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