Electrical & Lights Key fob probs

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by David ap, Friday 5th Jul, 2019.

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    Hi there,

    Fingers crossed one of you smart peeps can help me out here.

    My wife just dropped the keys on our 2006 CR-V and as they were missing a little screw, the battery came out of the fob.
    The battery is back in, but although it unlocks the car, it won't start it.
    The spare key we have starts it, but won't unlock it!!!

    I've tried reprogramming with the usual procedure - turn to on, hold lock, repeat 3 times etc. and it seems to work fine, cycling the locks etc. but again, won't start the engine.
    Is there anything I can do, or is this a dealer job?