Guides K-Tuned Billet Shifter install into Honda Integra DC5/RSX Type-R.

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    Hi there,

    I didn't see a guide, and I thought it might help someone in the future.

    Time taken- 1h-2h
    Difficulty- 2/10

    I used a K-Tuned Billet Shifter, and I bought the Billet mount bushes(for solid mount) and so I could just replace the old ones with new stuff.

    Things needed:
    Some tools-
    Ratchet with a 10/12mm (for the old shifter) and a smaller 6 or 7mm for where the cables attach
    Needle nose pliers
    Phillips screw driver,
    Plastic pry tool
    Flat head.
    Allen keys.(6mm for the 4 new shift mounts, and a 4.5mm for the shift lockdown)

    I am going to try to write this as if you don't have pictures so in future if pictures disappear you will still be able to do it.
    (ps thanks to the guy whose pictures I have nicked)

    Step 1:
    Unscrew shift knob, and place into a safe place if reusing.

    Step 2:
    (plastic where the 12v is attached)
    Unsnap the clips that are here, pull down and towards you just above the fag lighter,
    when fully unsnapped unplug 12v and put everything to one side.

    Step 3:
    Unsnap the cup holder/shifter boot, and put to one side( lift from behind where you just unclipped the 12v plastic,

    Step 4:
    With all this off/exposed you will be able to undo all the screws you need to do.
    there are 2 under shifter cover and 2 more by the 12v socket plastic, 2 on the side of the cover by the seat rails, and 2 more on the back at the back of the seats.

    The plastic infront of the handbrake- snap it from back of car to front. 2 clips either side and 1 on front,

    Step 6:
    There are 2 plastic bits on the left and right of the 12v socket that should unsnap,
    and then its a case of just taking the centre console out.

    Step 7:
    With the shifter exposed id recommend taking the cable grip off(the bits that hold the cables in the plastic(push the whole cable back and then up this should pop it out) and then taking the cotter pins out and removing the cables.(one of the cable grip rotates out(the black rubber one)

    step 8:
    With everything off its time to take the 4 bolts out the old shifter and take it out and marvel that you have been banging gears with this old bit of plastic for so long!

    Step 9:
    (if using new K-Tuned bushes install shifter with them)
    if using old bushes take them out the old shifter and install em in the new K-Tuned one.
    (I have had 0 issue with the K-Tuned solid bushes)

    Step 10:
    Reattach cables to new shifter,(6mm IIRC) (This would be a good time to do the shifter cable bushes)

    Step 11:
    (my picture below) I attached the cables to the top shift points, and adjusted my shifter as far down as it goes, I had to change the rotation of the shifter to clear the plastics, so its at either 7oclock or 11oclock so it clears everything and goes into every gear without touching plastics. (you will note I reused the cable stops but the right hand one is at 90degrees from the stock position)

    Step 12:
    Make sure everything on the shifter is tight, and goes into gear properly (turn car on and see.)

    Step 13:
    Centre console back on, all plastics back on, screws back in, 12v plugged back in.

    Step 14:
    Knob back on.

    Step 15:
    Enjoy a tight and precise gear throw. (adjust as you please from here, I used the top hole for both cables and have the shifter set as low as it will go and it feels fantastic) IMG_20190212_232547.

    Hope this helps someone do this. minimal tools required, only fiddly bits are the 2plastic washer screw things by front of the seat rails(getting em back in). shouldn't take longer than an hour if you take your time.

    The Billet Shifter that I have fits perfectly with all the trim/surrounds/gaiter.

    The shifter can be found at the link below-

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    Billet goodness :Wub:

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    Nice guide @Pete at H-Tune!
    It's gorgeous I wish they made a version for B series :Ermm:
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    Great guide Pete!!

    And wow, what a thing of beuaty !!
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    nice guide buddy :Smile: :Hey: