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    Hello everybody, going to start up a thread which I'll be updating whenever I have some new shots of cars (or something a bit different maybe, but mainly cars). 

    Here's one shot from a photoshoot I did back in 2011 in Lithuania. These are Civic's of my good friends from


    And you might have seen a video that I've made about this 4gen Civic (sorry for adding this to a photography forum, but I don't think its necessary to create a separate thread just for one video :Wink: ):
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    Love that first picture dude.

    If you don't mind me asking. What kind of setting do you have your camera on to take pictures like that?

    I've not had my camera for long and wanna learn how to take pictures similar to that.
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    Thanks mate! That picture is combined from 34 separate images, so the camera settings don't really matter. Basically what i did was take a base picture with street lighting, and then used an off camera flash to light particular parts of the cars, after that - lots of work in photoshop.
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    Ah yh I get what you mean. That's insane man, looks perfect though, I love that picture.

    Well done!
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    was at Donington this past weekend at Historic Doningotn Festival, heres some photos from the event
    Facebook or'>Blog

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    Shot this Jaguar past week:'>Blog entry or Facebook

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    great work mate keep it up
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    Had the oportunity to go to the Renishaw Hall Classic Car & Bike Show Blog and Facebook

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    Had the pleasure of going to The Hope Motor Show, saw some familiar Civics (when driving out so sorry, no photos of them) and some beautiful cars. Enjoy!
    Facebook album and Blog post


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    Went to Japs North meet on Sunday the 30'th and it was more than Japs there, also Fords and some Classics, loads of cars!

    Here are the photos from the event on my Facebook page and Blog post (better quality)




    and there was a 1'st gen Civic there!


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    I love that Gen 1 Civic.

    Jag running up the mountain is cool.

    Great photos.
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    Hope the administrators don't mind me double posting (in the event media page) but here are photos from Japfest2 in Facebook album and Blog post

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    Adam Colchester
    what camera do you use? pictures are very nice
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    Pics are sick Josil! Can't wait for you to do some pics of my S2000 XD
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    Canon 5D 3rd Generation at the moment. Thanks!

    Cheers mate! Yeah, we got to get that photoshoot sorted :Smile:
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    Hey Jonas, long time no speak bud.

    Hope you're well. Weathers picking up a bit so was thinking about organising something soon if you're up for it?
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    Sup Mike! Yeah, as said before, just let me know when you can make it, and we'll figure something out.
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    I deleted my facebook for a bit but I'm back on there now temporarily. PM me your number and we will get something sorted.