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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    So after 20 years of dreaming about a trip to Japan, it finally happened. I will be uploading some of the better pics we've taken. It may take me few evenings so bear with me :Smile: If there are any questions anyone would like to ask, I'd be happy to answer :Smile:

    Saturday, 11th April - Arrival, Honda HQ, Tokyo Tower

    We've landed in the early afternoon of 11th April

    After checking into the hotel, the first stop was ... obviously Honda HQ. Now by sheer coincidence (honestly, I only realised this after I booked the hotel) we were staying relatively close to the Honda building, maybe 30 minutes on foot.
    P1000013.JPG P1000014.JPG P1000026.JPG

    There were some cars parked outside. They were also all unlocked, free to try for the public. There was no security, but as we found out later, the honesty and helpfulness of Japanese is on a next level.
    P1000028.JPG P1000030.JPG P1000033.JPG P1000034.JPG P1000035.JPG

    Inside, more vehicles you can sit on/in.
    P1000020.JPG P1000021.JPG P1000022.JPG P1000023.JPG P1000024.JPG P1000025.JPG

    Also a small goodies corner (left shopping for later)
    P1000016.JPG P1000017.JPG P1000018.JPG P1000019.JPG

    We've spent there a while and decided to get moving towards Tokyo Tower. View down the main road near Honda HQ, Aoyama-Itchome.

    Walking through Roppongi Hills

    Tokyo Tower from below and from the first viewing deck. We've grabbed there some food, spent a while browsing souvenirs. I think it left us a bit overwhelmed with the choice, so again, we've left shopping for later. The night time view from even such a small height, was one of the first 'wow' moments for us. You can see the city skyline and skyscrapers as far as the horizon. It's really amazing.
    P1000045.JPG P1000055.JPG P1000059.JPG

    It was getting late and we were tired after the journey and long walk (Hotel, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Tower | Walking Workout | Endomondo), we've decided to retreat to the hotel for rest, and start early next day.

    tbc ...
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    Great to see you've returned safely. Love the shots. (I want an Asimo :Sobbing:)

    I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :trampoline:
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    This bring back so many happy memories of the 90's the Aoyama Plaza the home for Honda.

    Love that Legend I would import that car here tomorrow, you two look really happy infact anyone who comes back from the motherland is always similing. We need to see your NSX exploits.
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Sunday, 12th April - Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku

    Yeah, so getting up early didn't really work. We really needed rest. So we got out of the hotel sometime before noon. We've made our way towards the central Ginza district. Mostly offices, designer stores, also a Sony showroom with lots of phones, cameras, TV on display. Very small section for PlayStation and no pics allowed except for the lobby downstairs, so nothing to show here :/
    P1000068.JPG P1000069.JPG P1000072.JPG

    We've found a small shop with treats from Okinawa. Bought few tasty snacks and managed to get us some warm food by asking in Japanese! Also a nice small alley with cherries in full bloom! And I have became a little obsessed with the taxis.
    P1000084.JPG P1000076.JPG P1000083.JPG

    Shibuya crossing is massive. And the amount of people crossing it makes a huge impression when seen live. I have a video of this from our second visit that I will upload later. We've also went to a gaming arcade. They're everywhere, and usually have 4-5 stories. From 'mascot-catchers', through arcade games, to 'raise and pet your horse then let it race against other people' large sections of the floor.
    P1000096.JPG P1000088.JPG P1000093.JPG P1000093a.JPG P1000093b.JPG P1000093c.JPG

    On our way to Harajuku, we went for a stroll around Yoyogi park. As it was cherry blossoms, there were loads of people hanging out at the 'hanami' parties in the park. Also caught some rockabillies dancing at the entrance.
    P1000102.JPG P1000103.JPG P1000106.JPG

    Harajuku was full of teenagers and shops with weird stuff :Grin: Yamanote Line is a subject of an old-school game I found later: Densha de Go. Each train line is unique and each station has a different melody playing. I guess this helps if you are sleeping and about to miss your stop. Great idea!
    P1000112.JPG P1000117.JPG P1000120.JPG

    FInally, Shinjuku. Massive shopping district, busiest train station in the world and ... Godzilla peeking from above a building in the middle of it all.
    P1000128.JPG P1000137.JPG P1000139.JPG P1000142.JPG P1000144.JPG

    Wrap up the day with a fancy car park, 3D glasses with Gran Turismo 6 in electronics store and watching Super GT live in hotel room.
    P1000150.JPG P1000154.JPG P1000160b.JPG P1000160c.JPG
    - - - Updated - - -
    @Nels - maybe this could help? :Smile:

    @Ichiban - NSX was on Friday so will upload those probably in the next 2-3 days :Wink:
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    Brilliant !
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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    Fantastic shots @bijomaru . Looks like the trip of a lifetime :Smile:

    ^^ I want an "N Box"

    Amazing to hear that the cars are all unlocked for the public. We can't even do that at motor shows in the UK any more :no:

    Would love to go to Japan. Jealous now :Pinch:
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Monday, 13th April - Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku

    On Monday it has started raining. We've had a trip plan that we wanted to stick to, so despite the rain we went to see the Imperial Palace. The tour tickets were booked months in advance so we knew we'll just have a look from afar. It was hidden little bit more than we expected ... Still nice view and a massive green lawn in the middle of the city. And more taxis ...

    P1000163.JPG P1000164.JPG P1000164a.JPG P1000164c.JPG P1000165.JPG

    Akihabara, amazing place. As the weather was crap, there wasn't a lot of people around. Still, loads of game arcades, game shops, manga, anime, electronics, car models, etc. We came out of the station and as I was getting my bearings, a guy walks up and asks if he can help. Asked for Chuo-dori, and he stars leading us for a minute to where the road is. He was soaking wet, but took to where we were headed, then went back his way.
    P1000171.JPG P1000173.JPG P1000174.JPG P1000175.JPG P1000176.JPG P1000176f.JPG P1000176g.JPG P1000176u.JPG

    Lots of places with old arcade machines, old console games (bought few for my PS1). Also a massive shop we found with die-cast models of everything plus RC section. We came back here later but that's another story for another post :Wink:
    P1000176k.JPG P1000176l.JPG P1000176m.JPG P1000176n.JPG P1000176p.JPG P1000176q.JPG P1000176r.JPG

    Despite the rain we've spent 2-3 hours there. Not nearly enough. But we moved on to Asakusa and a SkyTree booking we've made. Asakusa is a huge temple with a lot of souvenirs stands and it was packed with tourists.
    P1000178.JPG P1000189.JPG P1000190.JPG P1000196a.JPG

    As we went to the ticket counter they said that because of the weather we won't be able to see much even from the first deck. The tickets were booked for a specific date and time, but we could come any other day and use them. So we took that option, and went to nearby aquarium with penguins enclosure.
    P1000197a.JPG P1000197b.JPG P1000197d.JPG P1000197e.JPG P1000199.JPG P1000202.JPG

    Oh, and during the visit to Honda HQ we've caught the end of ASIMO show. He just waved us goodbye ...
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Tuesday, 14th April - Sword Museum, Shinjuku Gyoen, Odaiba

    Another rainy day. Sword museum in Shinjuku is quite small. One room with lots of swords on display, and one security guard with watchful eye. So again, no photo from inside :Frown: From then we took a walk through central Shinjuku, went to the top of the Metropolitan Government building (free viewpoint) and then went towards a huge park in Shinjuku as well.
    P1000220.JPG P1000223.JPG

    In the park, in the rain, on a small wooden bridge, I proposed to my girlfriend. I was planning to do it later in Odaiba, but the park was beautiful and I decided to do it there.
    P1000237.JPG P1000252.JPG P1000254.JPG P1000255.JPG P1000268.JPG

    Odaiba is this artificial island just off the shore of Tokyo. Filled with event places. Must be awesome in the summer on a sunny day. We took an unmanned elevated 'train' there. First off was Panasonic's showroom, some electronics exhibitions, audio-visual museum etc. Took us a bit longer than expected :Smile: so by the time we came out it was getting dark. But that's when the ferris wheel a on Odaiba is switched on, and you can see if from loads of places in Tokyo.

    P1000271b.JPG P1000271f.JPG P1000278d.JPG P1000280g.JPG

    Pallette Town is a joint Toyota park-museum-store, and large amusement center.
    P1000289b.JPG P1000289c.JPG P1000325a.JPG P1000289i.JPG P1000289m.JPG

    Amongst the bus, train simulators and hundreds of other arcades, we've found this VR simulator with NSX ride. It was an in-car recording of Super GT race, and I have to say it was brilliant.
    P1000293.JPG P1000294.JPG P1000294b.JPG P1000294d.JPG P1000294g.JPG

    As we were leaving the Palette Town, by sheer luck we've found Toyota's Historic Car Museum. Lots of Toyotas, which I will spare you here, but also some Honda models on display. Basically the whole museum has rooms of cars, section with die-cast models of all brands, drivers section .. and a DeLorean.
    P1000304.JPG P1000305.JPG P1000311.JPG P1000314.JPG P1000315.JPG P1000317.JPG P1000318.JPG P1000319.JPG P1000320.JPG P1000321.JPG P1000323.JPG P1000324.JPG P1000325.JPG

    Next stop ... Sega Joypolis. Something like this used to exist in London years ago, Trocadero Sega World. I remember seeing this in TV when I was maybe 15. By the time I had a chance to visit London it was shut down :Tongue: So I was pleased this still existed in Japan. My fiancée here decided she will let me explore the inside on my own, and she went shopping :Smile: The main thing I wanted to see there are the Initial Arcade machines where you sit inside an actual car and it moves as you drive. There's also a roller-coaster inside, and again a ton of arcades.
    P1000326.JPG P1000326a.JPG P1000326c.JPG P1000326d.JPG P1000326f.JPG

    Google's video of the day:
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Hey man, many congrats !!
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Thanks! Right let's get to the more interesting for you guys days tonight.

    Wednesday, 15th April - Sky Tree, Ueno Zoo, Sumida River Cruise

    Finally a good weather to go up the SkyTree and see Tokyo from above during the day. Truly amazing even from first deck at 350m. but even better from the Tembo Galleria at 450m. You can really appreciate the huge size of Tokyo here.
    P1000328.JPG P1000331.JPG P1000340.JPG P1000356.JPG

    Quick trip around the Zoo in Ueno Park, with the panda being the main reason behind it.

    By the time we were done with both, we had few hours wait for the night cruise on Sumida River. What I expected to be a boat like on of those on Thames, turned out to be a modern yacht ... with unlimited supply of champagne. Needless to say we've made a good use of it :Smile: Monorail taking us there and back.
    P1000432.JPG P1000436.JPG P1000457.JPG P1000467.JPG
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Thursday, 15th April - Honda Collection Hall

    Ok there's a lot of pics here. The journey there wasn't the easiest. First an hour on Shinkansen to Oyama, change for JR local line to Shinodate, then change to a Moka Railway service which we barely managed to find. Once we got to Motegi, we got stuck. I knew there will be no bus service to the Twin Ring on that day, so Taxi was the only option. But as it is very remote and small town, there was none outside. The man at the ticket counter was a saviour here. We managed to communicate to him where we're going and that 'basu ga arimasen'. He called local taxi company and they showed up taking us right to the front gate. Short walk from there and a very ordinary looking building of Honda Collection Hall was in front of us. First thing we saw was the car we wanted to take us to our wedding :Smile: Really amazing old-timer. More oldies on a display in the main lobby.
    P1000481.JPG P1000482.JPG P1000482a.JPG P1000488.JPG P1000493.JPG P1000520.JPG P1000521.JPG P1000522.JPG P1000523.JPG

    The complex has 3 floors.

    Section 1: Honda robots and new technologies.
    P1000494.JPG P1000495.JPG P1000496.JPG P1000497.JPG P1000498.JPG P1000499.JPG P1000500.JPG P1000501.JPG
    P1000505.JPG P1000506.JPG P1000507.JPG P1000509.JPG P1000511.JPG P1000512.JPG P1000513.JPG P1000515.JPG P1000516.JPG P1000517.JPG P1000518.JPG P1000519.JPG

    Section 2 - Store, library and Sounds of Honda (found a book for @Ichiban :teasing:) We'll come shopping later. Decided I won't Honda chocolates since I would be too distraught eating them). In the library there was a book about BMW so I've hidden the title so it doesn't spoil the view :Grin:. Oh and the last pic, my fiancée has told me it's where I will be chained if I am trying to spend too much in the shop :lol:
    P1000525.JPG P1000526.JPG P1000527.JPG P1000528.JPG P1000529.JPG P1000530.JPG P1000531.JPG P1000532.JPG P1000698a. P1000698b. P1000698c. P1000698d. P1000698e. P1000533.JPG P1000535.JPG P1000538.JPG P1000539.JPG P1000540.JPG

    Section 3 - History of Honda, bikes
    P1000542.JPG P1000543.JPG P1000544.JPG P1000545.JPG P1000546.JPG P1000547.JPG P1000548.JPG P1000549.JPG P1000550.JPG P1000551.JPG P1000552.JPG P1000553.JPG P1000554.JPG P1000555.JPG P1000556.JPG P1000557.JPG P1000558.JPG P1000559.JPG P1000560.JPG P1000561.JPG P1000562.JPG P1000563.JPG P1000565.JPG P1000566.JPG P1000567.JPG P1000568.JPG P1000569.JPG P1000570.JPG P1000571.JPG P1000572.JPG

    Section 4 - Honda cars ... almost all of them, in one huge room! Heaven:Aghast:
    P1000573.JPG P1000574.JPG P1000575.JPG P1000576.JPG P1000577.JPG P1000578.JPG P1000579.JPG P1000580.JPG P1000581.JPG P1000583.JPG P1000584.JPG P1000585.JPG P1000586.JPG P1000587.JPG P1000588.JPG P1000589.JPG P1000590.JPG P1000591.JPG P1000592.JPG P1000593.JPG P1000594.JPG P1000595.JPG P1000597.JPG P1000598.JPG P1000599.JPG P1000600.JPG P1000601.JPG P1000602.JPG P1000603.JPG P1000604.JPG P1000605.JPG P1000606.JPG P1000607.JPG P1000608.JPG P1000609.JPG P1000610.JPG P1000611.JPG P1000612.JPG P1000613.JPG P1000614.JPG P1000615.JPG P1000616.JPG P1000617.JPG P1000618.JPG P1000619.JPG P1000620.JPG P1000621.JPG P1000622.JPG P1000624.JPG P1000625.JPG P1000626.JPG P1000627.JPG P1000628.JPG P1000629.JPG P1000630.JPG P1000632.JPG P1000634.JPG P1000635.JPG P1000637.JPG P1000638.JPG P1000690.JPG P1000691.JPG P1000692.JPG

    Section 5 and 6 in a moment ...
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Section 5 - Race bikes
    P1000639.JPG P1000640.JPG P1000641.JPG P1000642.JPG P1000643.JPG P1000644.JPG P1000645.JPG P1000646.JPG P1000647.JPG P1000648.JPG P1000649.JPG P1000650.JPG

    On the way to the last section some trophies and a view of Twin Ring circuit
    P1000651.JPG P1000652.JPG P1000653.JPG
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    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    and Section 6 - race cars
    P1000654.JPG P1000655.JPG P1000656.JPG P1000657.JPG P1000658.JPG P1000659.JPG P1000660.JPG P1000661.JPG P1000662.JPG P1000663.JPG P1000664.JPG P1000665.JPG P1000666.JPG P1000667.JPG P1000668.JPG P1000669.JPG P1000670.JPG P1000671.JPG P1000672.JPG P1000673.JPG P1000674.JPG P1000675.JPG P1000676.JPG P1000677.JPG P1000678.JPG P1000679.JPG

    We went for an Asimo show. They do 3 of those in a day even if there's only a few visitors.
    P1000693b.JPG P1000693a.JPG

    There's a piece of art signed by Soichiro Honda in the lobby, as well as a plaque just outside
    P1000694.JPG P1000696.JPG P1000697.JPG P1000698.JPG P1000701.JPG P1000701a.JPG

    On the circuit we've caught Honda S660 being tested, just going around on the oval track.
    P1000702.JPG P1000703.JPG P1000706.JPG P1000707.JPG P1000709.JPG P1000711.JPG

    After we've finished, we had the problem of getting back to Motegi again. We went back to the reception in the Honda Collection Hall, and the lady there has called us a local taxi. Same guy that took us here appeared, so he knew where to take us back to :Smile: After a little wait we had the bus to Utsunomiya, and there jumped onto a Shinkansen going to Tokyo.
    P1000720.JPG P1000721.JPG P1000724.JPG P1000725.JPG P1000730.JPG P1000731.JPG P1000732a.JPG

    So here's the loot from Honda shop. Some of this will be donated to the club, so I suspect there will be some sort of give away soon. I guess keep your eyes opened for details :Smile:
    P1000733.JPG P1000735.JPG P1000736.JPG P1000737.JPG P1000738.JPG P1000738a.

    Attached Files:

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    This is such a great thread @bijomaru - thanks so much for sharing the photographs (and making me, and I'm sure some others, very jealous in the process!!)

    Many congratulations on the proposal too, well done :Smile:
  15. bijomaru Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    United Kingdom Rob Swindon
    Thank you :Smile:

    As I browse those pictures when I am adding them, I am being jealous of myself for being there. I wish I could just go back :Frown:

    Will be uploading the NSX ride today :Smile:
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    England CJ Leeds
    Making this thread a sticky so people don't miss it.
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  17. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Warmest congratulations to you and the future Mrs. Bijomaru.

    Superb thread Rob!
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    Thank you!

    Right, here comes the big day ... and the NSX ride!

    Friday, 17th April - Honda NSX, tour of Hakone area, Fuji-san

    Those few days in Tokyo were amazing and I enjoyed each one of them, but understandably I was excited about Friday. After all, I was about to drive the car I always wanted.

    We set of from Tokyo early, catching a Shinkansen to Odawara. Then a local train to Hakone-Yumoto. From there the terrain changes, and you get some steep hills. We took the Hakone Tozan line to Gora. The smell of sulphur is almost too much :Smile: But you get used after a while. Then a bus to Sengoku, then a 15 minute walk to the car rental place. The whole journey was about 3 hours. I saw the first sign of the things to come: Tōge - Mountain Pass :jumpy: Once we got there I've noticed some race related manga, magazines, as well as games. Sadly the TV wasn't set-up for the PlayStation. Instead it was showing drift competitions :Smile:
    P1000739.JPG P1000742.JPG P1000745.JPG P1000746.JPG P1000749a.JPG P1000749b.JPG P1000858.JPG P1000859.JPG

    At fun2drive we've met Yoshi. I immediately asked about the goPro and GPS that I noticed, and decided to rent that out, instead of recording with phone and relying on printed maps for directions. After all we had a road trip planned! While we were sorting out the paperwork, they started to bring out the cars :Wub:
    P1000750.JPG P1000751.JPG P1000752.JPG P1000757.JPG P1000758.JPG P1000860.JPG P1000861.JPG P1000862.JPG

    Test (assessment) drive
    P1000753.JPG P1000755.JPG P1000756.JPG
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    Let's hit the road!


    P1000761.JPG P1000762.JPG P1000768.JPG P1000769.JPG P1000772.JPG P1000773.JPG

    First destination, Fuji Speedway. Sadly, we haven't found any souvenirs shop, despite our efforts and a wasted 20 minutes walk towards the main stand. Few cars on the track, but I guess shops only open on event days. Was a bit annoyed, but mostly because of the lost time that I could have spent driving. :Angry:

    P1000774.JPG P1000775.JPG P1000777.JPG P1000778.JPG P1000780.JPG P1000782.JPG P1000783.JPG P1000784.JPG P1000787.JPG

    I swear there's Mount Fuji behind us. We could see it, but obviously didn't come out as well on the camera. It was a very cloudy morning, so most of it was covered up anyway.

    P1000788.JPG P1000790.JPG
    P1000793.JPG P1000794.JPG P1000797.JPG P1000798.JPG P1000799.JPG P1000800.JPG

    Second destination - Lake Yamanaka. We got there by going through Myojin Tōge (first part of the video I will link up at the end of this post). Myojin Pass had some faster, wider roads, so it was nice :Smile:

    P1000802.JPG P1000803.JPG P1000804.JPG P1000805.JPG P1000806.JPG P1000807.JPG P1000810.JPG P1000811.JPG
    P1000825.JPG P1000827.JPG P1000828.JPG


    P1000833.JPG P1000834.JPG P1000835.JPG P1000836.JPG

    Now this, wasn't fun. Pulled up to the petrol station. Couldn't figure out the mini-computer to tell it how to pay etc. Some dude came over to help us. Filled up, paid, happy days. Also, 147 yen = 0.78p per litre of high-octane petrol! :shock:

    Coming out of the station, obviously not used to low cars, and I scraped the bottom at the exit ... My fiancée at that moment is starting to go into panic mode. But I got out ... it's all on the video. Not gonna lie, I was mildly panicked myself in case I did some damage.

    P1000841.JPG P1000842.JPG P1000843.JPG P1000848.JPG P1000851.JPG

    On the way back to fun2drive, we still had some spare time, so the moment I saw a sign for Hakone Pass, I took it. And I have to say, if I haven't I wouldn't have as much fun as I could, and I would probably be a little ... meh ... on the whole drive (not the car). But Hakone Pass was AMAZING. A lot slower, more narrow roads, more twisty tight bends, than Myojin Pass, but so much fun! The last half of the video will have most of Hakone Pass.

    P1000852.JPG P1000853.JPG P1000854.JPG

    So, without further ado, here's the video. I've had mixed opinions. Some love it, some say it looks slow. But thinking about it, the GoPro changes the view angle slightly so it will look slower. And in a rented car of my dreams, I was going at a comfortable pace, while having so much fun, I had a grin from ear to ear for most of the time. (First few scenes are sped up to but then the rest is at normal speed).


    We had one hairy moment. In the tunnel you can see in the video, when I saw the 90 degrees sharp turn at the end, and realised the surface was wet. I had to break as hard as I could but was worried I will lose the grip. Managed to break just hard enough to make that corner without crashing into the barrier and rolling down the hill. :boast:

    Obviously relieved to be alive :Grin:


    The rest of Hakone tour coming soon. And we finally saw Mount Fuji!

    Bonus: :dribble:
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    Good post!
    Re the car and the petrol station incident ... they do tend to sit low. :Smile: I am somewhat surprised that the car does not have the black lip spoiler installed to offer some protection up front.
    Not too much damage can be done though and they can scrape a bit pending on surface etc but generally very useable and easy to navigate speed ramps etc., unless of course you gave it a real bang and you could have took out the front lower bumper
    Also this appears to be an early car 91 - 93 and looks fairly stock in its suspension set up.
    Was there an aftermarket exhaust installed?
    Cannot see from your photo's but certainly your video footage is highlighting this to me as stock is fairly restrictive on sound.
    Was the car non PAS or in case of the NSX non EPS ... JDM cars had this as option i think back in the day?
    You seemed to handle it quite well and if it was non EPS you had a better experience as it gives a lot of communication through the wheel compared to the EPS variant
    Good man for pushing it on, the car can inspire confidence in the way it drives and holds the road but at the same time you have to be wary at the back!
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