Jap car meet. Sunday 31st march

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    Copied from epc.

    Right guys the last meet we organised was a great success with lots of cars turning out on a cold afternoon. Hopefully this time it won't be as cold and we will follow through with plans.

    WHERE : McDonalds Queensway, East Kilbride

    WHEN : Sunday 31st March, around 3pm.

    WHAT : Will be a meet at McDs for everyone to come to start with, shouldn't be there long maybe an hour tops. Will then be taking a short drive to the eaglesham moors where there will be a good chance for some photos and such. After this we'll drive down to nerston industrial for some more photos and videos if people are wanting.

    Please bring as many people as you can with Jap cars, would be good to have a big turn out before the show season properly kicks off.


    Last time we did this we got thrown our of a car park in silverburn due to a driver 'rallying' through the car park, this caused a massive thread on civinfo (i think) where people were basically wanting this guys skull. Anyways the warning is don't drive like a fud as doing this not only endangers your life but other road users aswell and gives not only jap car owners a bad name, but all modified drivers. Basically have some respect guys.

    Hope yous can all make it and we get a good day for it.

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    Might be up for this.
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    Should be a good one mate if we can get the same as last time if not more
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    This will be going ahead guys so, just let us know if yous are coming. Hopefully get as good a turnout as last time and get decent weather.

    If you get in touch over pm then ill give you my number and that.

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    Time has been updated to half oneish, as I have stuff to do later that night and don't want to cut it short. Also with half a mind looking to allow people to still have their evening.