Civic/5th Gen James' 1993 Civic EG6 SiR-S

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    JDM EG6 SiR-S - OG buildup

    I purchased my EG6 from T E G I W A back in April, almost 5 years to the day since I'd bought my first Honda - a Red EG5 Esi. It was a bit of blind purchase, having only a couple of pictures to go by and zero info, barring it had 60k miles and was in 'good condition'. I managed to glean from the pictures that it sported a set of Zeal coilovers and looked slightly different from your regular EG6's....... I slapped down �500 as a deposit and waited a couple of months for it to arrive
    Anyway pickup day finally arrived: P1020058. P1020059. My suspicions were confirmed, as it was a limited edition SiR-S, complete with most of the optional extras catalogue. LSD, Keyless Entry, Foglights, Door tweeters, Centre console, armrest, mudflaps, wind deflectors (sorta), black interior (despite being a '93) and special grey fabric. Plus no ghey sunroof!!! Whilst the outside was mint, the interior had been torn up... IMG_1099. IMG_1097. The TEGIWANK boys were slightly worried that I might be annoyed, I however had been well prepared and didn't care in the least as I had already purchased a full Kouki-spec interior: Partsgalore. Outside and mechanically the car was one of the cleanest EG's I'd ever seen. I so far haven't encountered one seized bolt! P1020060. Fast-forward to now and the car has come on a fair bit. The interior is now nearly finished, I only need to find some OEM mats and the SiR-S horn button. Sadly the Zeals didn't like UK roads (10k/8k rates) and the rears began knocking shortly after hitting some b-roads. I have just ordered some Spoon dampers/springs and plan to fit ITR sways. Recent pics: New decals: MySiR-S. Interior1. Limited edition recaro and rare red-stitch Momo Monte Carlo: Recaro. MomoV35. ES Roadsports exhaust: ESMuffler. Mini-photoshoot with Sparco NS-II Speeders and a multiple stage paint correction session: EngineBay. BostalNSII. BostalInterior. Bostal1. RevisedBostal1. Not too much left to do now, although I'd love a bay tuck and maybe start working on the head.
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    love it :cool:
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    cleaannnn!!! :Tongue:
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    very nice :Grin:

    is that the wheel that came in the sir-s ' then? you can get the horn button from, im planning on getting one and some decals from them.

    did it come with the keyless entry working btw?
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    Sadly (being an OEM freak) it didn't have the original Momo wheel or gearknob. I've always loved the Monte Carlo though (nice and subtle), so I'll just get the momo horn button.... kinda OEM, haha. You can buy the button off ebay too, but at the moment, what with replacing the suspension I can't justify
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    Love it, clean as!
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    Beautiful Eg6 fella,
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    cheers bud :Smile: i wanted an eg6 when i stumbled across mine, has keyless entry but had an after market alarm so doesn't work.

    i guess the OEM momo wheels are pretty rare.

    ill let you know if i see any mats for sale, i have 2 sets but i want 1 set for day-to-day/ winter and the other for summer :Smile:

    what you gonna do for gearnob? OEM?
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    just love imports, especially the fresh one's, clean and shiny:Smile:
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    Very nice..
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    The mats are crazy rare, especially in black :Frown: I'm pretty sure they are identical to the JDM ITR ones though so I might just get those. I have seen SiR-S gearknobs on Yahoo Japan before.
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    Yes! You so need to come out with the Honda guys in Worthing one evening! Either get down to a Honda Wednesday in Brighton (usually convoy over from Worthing, don't go this week though as i'll miss it, and want to see it!), or gimme a shout one evening, although if you do, don't make it this week as my car out of action haha.
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    *puts on policemans voice from south park*

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    Haha, yeah I really need to make myself come out one evening. It spends too much time in my nice warm garage! Hopefully my new suspension setup should be done in a couple of weeks, all the parts are now ordered.

    Oh yeah, whats this about you ditching the coupe?
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    How come youre binning the zeals man?
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    With great regret! They are seriously stiff, I couldn't take it on a b-road for example. The top mounts at the rear knock and clonk over bumps and no-one can source new ones for me and I can't get them revalved for softer springs over here. They would be perfect for a track EG though, as they are AMAZING on silky roads.
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    just tighten the nut on em then mate, i had that problem on my teins.... if it is the nut then just use thread lock
  19. gorath23 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The top nuts seem pretty tight:Messed:
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    that is so nice, i want one - would love to have one that clean and in black :Smile: