Civic/5th Gen Jakk's 1994 Milano Red EG6 VTi. 2015 chassis refresh/upgrade time

Discussion in 'Project & Modification Logs' started by Jakk, Tuesday 28th Jan, 2014.

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    Pictures are awesome, car looks so nice
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    Pics are awesome mate she looks well.What you using as a daily during the winter months? I wish I had a beater to use during winter so I could tuck my EK away :Smile:
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    Them shots look so good Jack! Stay with the B16 ide say but of course up to you 
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    Love this and love the colour. They just look so good in Milano! If you are still running the original manifold and cat, the B16 really does benefit from a decent 2.5'' manifold and decat. 
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    Thankyou  :Wink:

    Cheers, the lips need polishing again as they've gone all cloudy :Frown:

    Ta :Wink:

    The winter minter!


    Winter beaters are the best, had loads of fun with this already! Don't have to worry about driving on salty roads or anything. I've taken it green laning a few times, don't know how the sump still holds oil as it's gone concave haha. Also took it on track last weekend and did 4 sessions absolutely flat out, would never have that much fun in my EG6 as I'd be worried about damaging it!

    Cheers, I love it in Milano too, but the bodywork does need a bit of attention so I'm not sure if it's gonna stay Milano or not. It won't be seeing a bodyshop until next winter at the earliest though. Yeah it still has the original mani and cat, will probably go for a DC2 mani when it's back on the road, not sure what exhaust system to get though. Want something like an A'pexi N1.

    Having done a bit of research the current favourite idea for the engine is to have my mate's JDM B18C, sell the bottom end and put the head, cams, inlet and exhaust mani on my B16. With new stem seals, LMAs etc. Any views on wether this is a good idea or not?
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    Bought Antisanta's rear interior side panels, boot box and Gathers on Saturday  B)

    Being an original EG6 it already had them but there was a couple of holes drilled in the side panels, the boot box was grey and cracked and i had no rear speakers, so it makes sense! My old bits will be for sale if anyone wants a cheap EG6 rear interior (minus seats).

    Also just agreed to buy an Apexi N1  :Grin:  Hopefully pick it up on Saturday!

    Subframe and ARBs need shotblasting and painting, then I just need to get a polybush kit bought and a couple of niggly things, then it'll be ready for an MOT...
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    So you are the geeza that bought the speakers! I messaged Brian and he said he already had them sold! So I'm assuming yours never had the gathers?
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    Looks great!
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    Sorry pal! I have my spare VTi fold flat interior if you'd be interested once I've removed it. It's not in the best condition but looks alright from a few feet away. Yeah I thought I'd buy Bri's setup as its another nice OEM touch and another step towards getting it mint.

    N1 is bought and collected! Might fit it this week. Also picked up a pair of mint OEM wind deflectors
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    Nah man got the folding flat interior just wanted the gathers for extra sound in the back. Thanks anyways man
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    Some goodies about to be fitted! Should completely change the car.

    Got it up in the air a couple of weekends ago with a few 'helping' hands


    Tom pretending to fix his EP3. Max waving tools around!


    Who needs axle stands?!


    Picked up the Apexi N1, bit of a ding underneath but can't complain for the price. Full system to the manifold too so no need for a decat section.


    Tom polishing my tip :Wink: Started to come up really nicely so I'll finish it off when I get chance and it should come up like new apart from the dent underneath.


    Integra front subframe is back from being media blasted and painted gloss black, looks great IMO.



    Front lower arms sprayed gunmetal grey, was actually a Rover colour!




    Front drop forks and rear trailing arms I decided to do in a Ford purple for some reason!






    Wasn't sure what the colours would end up like until they dried, think they came out awesome!



    Polybush kit is here and I'll be fitting some of that tomorrow. Need to get the EG6 subframe and steering rack off, should be fun...

    Need to find some camber arms, can't justify spending £220 on Skunk2 Pro Series I don't think though. Ideally looking for them secondhand...

    Agreed to buy the rear calipers from my mate's EK4 VTi as he's gone for bigger brakes (mine are siezed) and I'm possibly gonna go for DC2 front calipers and MGZS discs. 1" master cylinder etc is also going on.

    Can't wait to drive it!
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    You'll love the Apexi, loudest thing in the world. Sounds like the low riders off San Andreas at about 3k under load, might just be mine though you'll have to confirm!
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    Had an apexi n1 on my old sir with a decat and 2.5" whole system and it was by far my favourite exhaust iv had to date
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    Do you still have this jakk?

    And would you possibly part with her? I've been looking for an EG for along time and I've fell in love with this haha!

    Hopefully you will see this!?
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    @B16_EG you can tag a member by putting a '@' in front of their username.

    @Jakk you have a question.
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    Not sure when he was last online tho buddy, think I am all out of luck!
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    Valid point.
    His been off for sometime
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    Wow, I thought this thread was long gone when Civiclife bit the dust! I've done a lot with this car since this thread was last updated. Finished the build, did several trackdays, went to the Nurburgring, broke down in Belgium and put a total of 35k miles on the clock since buying it!

    It's been sat for nearly 3 years now actually, we noticed it leaking coolant on an MOT in June 2017, turned out to be the water pump. I'd stupidly left it with just water in over winter and it froze, destroying the seals. Life, along with other cars got in the way and it's still not been used since spotting that leak. Poor excuse really. I bought a house in December so thats been taking up our time and money since then (it's a full renovation). The EG6 now needs the rear arches replacing and a general tidy up. This is because I had to use it over a couple of months of winter in 2015 as my 'winter daily' at the time Toyota Levin AE111 didn't work and had to wait for parts from Japan. I'm currently out of action due to an operation but I'd like to get the EG6 on the road for a month or two before winter, before taking it off the road and doing some proper restoration work over winter.

    Anyways sorry for rambling on, but fear not I am still alive and so is the EG6 @DrSam and @B16_EG! Unfortunatey it'll now never be for sale, it's been a big part of my life and I've made a lot of memories with this car. Plus with the way EG6 values are going if I sold it now I'd never get another! Although I'm sure you've found one in the two years it's taken me to reply :sorry:

    Anyhow here's a few quick photos of it's life over the past few years! I'll do a proper update with lots more photos over the next few days.

    This is probably it's best look, I think the pic may have been posted previously on this thread:


    Then the upgrades in this thread happened before I took it to Germany:


    I think there are photos in this thread of the exhaust before fitting, it's a custom centre section leading to an A'PEXi N1 backbox. It's got a silencer in it now (it didn't for the first few months) but when it was unsilenced it sounded absolutely unreal both at low revs and at over 8000rpm in VTEC. Mental, insane ridiculous sound and I absolutely loved it. Silencer was necessary to even get near track noise limits, but when it's back on the road it'll be getting cut out and flanged so I can run it unsilenced again on the road.


    I bought the car missing the boot box and with drilled and scuffed fold flat rear interior, so I bought the side plastics and Gathers speakers from @Antisanta SiR (Black one in the above pic). I had sourced a grey boot box but it didn't match my black interior plus was in pretty poor condition. Don't know where I ended up getting my proper matching black one from but I did track one down. Might've came with the rest of the interior off Brian, can't remember.


    Got onto doing some trackdays and had lots of fun. Anglesey, Three Sisters and Oulton Park (Oulton is my local, just a few minutes away!)









    Bought a set of 5ZiGEN FN01R-C for it, main reason being they were the wheel I always put on a 240SX back on NFSU2 in about 2005!




    That brings us roughly up to date, the water pump leak was discovered just after fitting the 5ZiGENs so it's pretty much sat since they were fitted. It's starting to look quite rough, 35k miles including several trackdays and lots of daily driving have taken their toll on the bodywork. It'll be restored to very nice condition in the next year or two, but I'm at a bit of a crossroads as to what to do with it. I can either take it back closer to how it looked when I bought it, put the standard fat five wheels back on and a more subtle exhaust and have a very nice tidy original EG6 VTi, or I can do a proper build on it and smooth the bay, keep it on either the Rays or 5ZiGens and maybe a colour change, keep the lairy exhaust etc.

    Opinions welcomed, and it's nice to be back on a Civic forum! Got plenty of other cars now in addition to this, which I'll post over the next few days/weeks.

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    United Kingdom yeah you Brownsville
    LOVE that you've still got this. the stickers and their size ruin how it currently looks vs how it did before but that's easily reversible and down to personal taste :Smile: I'd keep both sets of wheels (you can never have enough and when bored just change the look in minutes) I'd say do what you want to do with it and don't worry about keeping it fully OEM on the fat fives all the time because you can just keep them IF you ever sold it, otherwise to me it's a bit like the whole not fucking your gf to keep her fresh for the next guy kinda thing haha if that makes sense? vs just doing whatever you want with it and not caring what anyone else thinks or about it's value or resale value... obviously if in your heart you just want it to look bone stock or slightly subtly modified do that. but I do always think bar it being super clean when restored with new metal/paint cars loose their individuality and personalisation when put back to stock, as if there was more about then it'd just be a clone of the next if that makes sense? I know there isn't as many about on the roads these days so seeing one stock can work in the opposite of the above factor but yeah I think just bang on all the dream parts you always wanted for it and keep it distinctively your own, you know? this is by no means meant to come across rude by the way mate, I'm just crap with words haha!