Civic/5th Gen Jakk's 1994 Milano Red EG6 VTi. 2015 chassis refresh/upgrade time

Discussion in 'Project & Modification Logs' started by Jakk, Tuesday 28th Jan, 2014.

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    Bah... I was hoping someone was gonna say they're like that on some mad JDM special edition or something so I could leave them as they are, guess I'm gonna have to get some more made :Tongue:
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    Everyone else has them on wrong...
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    I lol'd

    Love this EG.
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    New shoes! Absolutely shit condition though so I've had the tyres taken off and I'm gonna refurb them.

    Seen a few pics of EG6s on Rays GR-Ns and NR-Ss recently so decided they were my ideal wheels, really like them. Inspired by stuff like this from import auction websites:


    So put a load of wanted ads on the various Facebook selling pages, and a lad on an MX5 page offered me his set so yesterday went down to Birmingham for them.

    The real McCoy:


    They're older than me according to the sticker. And the car!

    My attempt at being all arty farty:


    Sits really nicely on them!



    Cleaned this one up a bit. 4th gear, idle, just held sandpaper to the rim and it's made it a lot better. They really are in a right state though. Gonna get them shot blasted I think.


    Pic as it looked nice with the sunset behind it :Tongue:


    Now I've got the dilemma of what colour to paint the wheels?! The original paint is flaking off really badly, its like a pale gold with corroded and kerbed dishes that were unpainted and polished when they were new. I'm thinking metallic bronze/gold, or gunmetal grey, or just plain white. The dishes will be polished.

    Liking this scheme:


    How do I get the kerb marks out? Was gonna attack them with a file but I can imagine that putting deep marks in that'll be a ballache to sand out?
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    Why not just hand the wheels over to a proper refurbishment place?
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    I may end up doing that if I get frustrated while doing them :Tongue:

    i just like to have a crack at stuff like this myself and see what results I can get, then if they turn out well it's something I can be proud of, if I get bored the only thing I've wasted is my own time + small materials cost and I'll have no doubt learned something. Plus it saves a bit of cash and that's never a bad thing...

    If i get fed up of trying to sort them I'll let a pro do them, but just want to have a go for now 

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    How mine look :Grin:

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    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
    bronze or polished ?
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    The best size/offset on EG's, I'm really liking the choice! White on red looks great.

    My tip would be to get them powder coated. I can understand wanting to have a go yourself, but the finish and durability that you get from powdercoating just isn't something that can be replicated by hand.  
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    Looks good mate, although kinda annoyed that you have them wheels as i was planning on looking for a set next month :Frown:

    Never the less looks great

  12. briggers Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Im in the same dilemma. Trying to refurb some rally dirt trial advans as the paint was fucked and want them mint. Started refurbin and getting all the paint off as there was corrosion all over the rims and i have started grinding off the paint with a metal restorer drill bit lol as corrosion was building up from under the laqquer and its taking me bloody ages and im having second thoughts now. don't wanna spend all this time then paint them myself and end up fucking them up but also in the back of my mind im like your also learning and if it goes well the satisfaction you done it yourself i think ill keep going as i gave myself a deadline for summer time to have them done by.
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    Nice! :Smile: One of the best EK colours too :Wink:

    The fitment seems absolutely spot on tbh! Right on the limit of what's possible without arch mods. May have to raise it a little though, front seems really close to the wings...

    If my home refurb turns out crap I'll send them to a pro but I'd like to see how it goes first :Smile:

    Cheers, get them anyway though! At least mine won't be H22 powered :Wink:

    I'd definitely get them shot blasted if they have corrosion. It's just so much easier and less time consuming than trying to get paint off individual spokes and tight areas etc. And then either paint them yourself or give them to a pro? A lot of pros will get them blasted for you anyway though.

    Attacked all the kerbing today:


    Safe to say they were as rough as a badger's arse...




    Went at them with a couple of different files and got them like this:


    The bits that look like kerbing in this pic are just dirt/corrosion that will be sanded off:



    All 4 done and ready for shot blasting: (+my helpful dog)


    Took about half an hour per wheel. Expected it to be a really tedious, hateful job but it was fine, kinda enjoyed doing it as you could see the improvement so quickly. Hopefully they'll be blasted tomorrow and in primer by Wednesday at the latest!
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    Thanks dude

    btw Holy smokes u got guts re doing them urself..... hats off to u though

    mine were very clean lucky for me but still had them refurbed professionally didn wanna risk it with them being volks and btw centre caps are a bitch to find as well as original stickers gave up searching lol
  15. Hayes Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Fair play for refurbishing them yourself bud, keep it up!
  16. Aaron Lesbirel Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Good job on the Filing! It's easier then people make it out to be eh! did i once on a set of bbs! as long as your patient you can get pretty good results!
  17. RoRo Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    wow amazing job on those lips mate! look brand new, don't forget to gaffa tape (duct tape) (200mph tape) or whatever you guys call it, the lips about 10 times before blasting lol

    great choice on wheels though, I defiantly like the gold/polished the best on a red car
  18. Loplop Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Did a better job than I did of my fives... I definitely need to get new wheels now :Frown:
  19. Jakk Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Gonna order a few Rays stickers and put them on the polished part of the dish I think. I've heard you can get the original stickers for the backs from Newera Imports, gonna look into it but Newera are mega expensive!

    Made the mistake of putting wheels straight on with crap paint before and it always bugged me so wanted to tidy these up a bit just to see how it went, pretty happy with the results tbh.

    I imagined it'd be a major ballache but it really wasn't! as you say, as long as you're patient it's fine, pretty rewarding actually seeing how quickly the lips go from fucked to mint :Tongue:

    Cheers! When they got blasted the guys just did the whole wheels, will see tomorrow how difficult it is to remove the finish that the blasting leaves, should have a mirror finish hopefully!

    TSW Venoms. yo.

    They're almost finished now, just gotta polish the lips and get my tyres fitted. Gone for Parada Spec 2s btw, £167 for a brand new set of 4 which isn't bad at all!

    From this:




    To this! 




    In 6 days of working on them after work, using nothing but Halfords aerosols and a garage. Well happy with them tbh. Can't wait to see what they're like when the dishes are polished, don't worry about the lumpy bits on the lips btw, that's just where they stuck to the ground paper when spraying the insides and that'll come straight off when polishing them. Think the colour may be a bit too yellow but other than that I'm over the moon with them!
  20. type_r_baby Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    does look a bit yellowy but spot on with refurb bud

    please don't get parada ditch 2's

    they are that price for a reason