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    I’m in the midst of readying my Accord for sale, it’s been a hard decision it’s been with me since I purchased it with 29miles on the clock but with two cars and one driver I can’t justify keeping it. The second car has only 37k on the clock the Accord has 174K and has never let me down. I’ll miss it as the Type-R Recaros are so comfortable, with my back condition.
    Anyway I was cleaning the rear interior floor and found this light. I’ve looked everywhere, dug into the manual and can’t find any answer. I thought maybe a door but they don’t have them, does anyone has a suggestion, it’s really bugging me. Cheers BC

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    United Kingdom Charlie Brigg North Lincs
    Looks like a side indicator repeater,( the ones mounted in the front wing ).
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    Hi rimmo.That makes sense I'll have to check in the morning.
    Still in the misdt of a complete renovation, making it more painful to part with I'm going to advertise it local rag, Prloved, maybe eBay & ,something amied at Hoda fans have you any suggseions its been over ten yeards since I sold a car? Cheers Ben
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    Hi. yup, you were right, thanks. Must have been there for fifteen years when I had a s front smack repaired. Apologies for my lack of grammar/spelling. Ben
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