Engine & Gearbox Issues post-clutch replacement

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    Hi all...

    I've had my CR-V less than a year - it's a '62 plate with ~92k on the clock - the clutch went recently while going up a hill (of course - worst place for it to happen) and I had it replaced at a local garage (at exorbitant cost - 12 hrs labour & parts total ~£1800)...

    Having got the car back, it doesn't *feel* right...

    At idle (~850 RPM) the engine note seems too low, and the car noticeably (but not significantly) vibrates - it doesn't just 'sit quiet' as I would expect (or remember) it doing.

    It seems ok as I cycle through the gears, although every time I disengage the clutch to change gear I think the car will stall due to the noise/vibration - the revs don't drop below 850 though and it never stalls.

    In high gear on the motorway, I expect it to feel the same at 70mph or 80mph (when overtaking), but the *feel* when I accelerate through 70mph in 6th just doesn't seem right and it feels like it's 'straining' somehow?

    Hard to explain, and it may be my imagination...

    I've taken it back to the garage but of course they say it's fine...

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Sounds as though it, the clutch, needs adjusting, (I think these clutches self adjust?) at least, worst case removed and reinstalled correctly.
    Did you use a OEM clutch or an unknown brand? Was the garage experienced in the job?
    IF you don't get anywhere and it doesnt improve you may need to go to a Honda garage, or checked by an automotive engineer and get a written report on the problem.

    At that price you are entitled to a proper job, done right, so you may have to resort to legal letters to say fix it or else you go to the Small Claim's court. Useful info here---

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    I would take it back there, could be driveshaft issues, or could be incorrect clutch not fitted using correct clutch tensioner tool, did the garage belong to motor ombudsman or good garage scheme ?
    wow £1800 ouch what a rip off
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    £1800 to change a clutch?...ouch. :c