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    well i am starting to get realy sick of my idling problem.. i went to a honda specialist and he said it mayb due to the fact i bought the TPS from USA and it could be for the USDM not the Uk market?? does this sound right???

    i have now been to 4 garages .. one put it in and said it needed calibrating..

    the other said that the diagnostics machine wouldn't let him in ( its got no Port!) a bigger garage said that it could be the IACV so i changed that.. and NOW another garage says it could be the rong TPS

    i have a b16a2 ... i need your help :Frown: i have also tried to reset the ECU ( disconecting the ground on battery :Frown: )
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    what is the idle problem? is it revving up and down? from about 500-2K? I had the same problem, it was the IACV, just needed a clean :Smile:
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    nah its holding revs at 3k :Frown: