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Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by phil-k, Monday 18th Mar, 2019.

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    I am hopefully buying a CR-V in the next couple of weeks but a lot of them for sale are 4WD.
    I do live at the top of a hill, but except for the 2 or 3 days a year we have snow I will only be driving on tarmac road.
    Considering you are carrying around all that extra weight that goes with powering it and the pain and cost of having something extra to be serviced regularly should I try and stick to 2WD
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    Winter tyres make a much bigger difference than 4WD. There are YouTube videos proving it.
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    Hi Phil-k
    First of all the CR-V’s are not 4WD but part time AWD only been activated when needed.
    I’ll better have it ,than not have it.
    If you’re buying something for economy better look for something else.
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    I really asked the wrong question, I know they are on demand AWD, thats what I really meant to say, as it will only kick in very rarely I was wondering if I would have problems as the clutch in the rear diff. would be hardly used or doesn't it matter so much, I imagine most owners never get the back wheels to be driven
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    From what you say, I definitely think that you don't need even part time AWD. As you say, in your circumstances it's highly unlikely you will need it. The reference above to cold weather tyres is absolutely correct. Spend your money either on a spare set of wheels and cold weather tyres for winter use or (probably more relevant to UK climate), a set of cross-climate tyres which you can use winter or summer and don't need seasonal changing.
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    4WD/AWD is great at getting you moving, but when you need to stop, it's no better than a 2WD car. It's the same four wheels sliding.
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    My previous SUVs (not Honda) have been 2WD and most of the time they were absolutely fine. It was just the odd time when pulling out at a junction, particularly on a wet day, the fronts would scrabble for grip. That doesn't happen with the CR-V system.