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    Hi All,

    Great forum I've been lurking for a while getting info as needed from some threads on CL7 Accords. I own a Jap import CL7 Euro R Accord. Its my first Honda and I've always wanted a Honda growing up so jumped at the chance of buying the Euro R as I wanted a Type-R with a bit of practicality and looks. Great car to drive and the V-Tec pulls like a train.

    There is always room for improvements and I'm currently working on replacing the HID Ballasts as they've finally decided to retire. I've upgraded the fog light bulbs to yellow 4k bulbs. Recently upgraded the clutch to Stage 2 and lightweight flywheel. I've added the additonal 6th gear which is better on fuel and added a decat to the Mugen exhaust system for more rasp in the top end. I'd like to eventually upgrade the Intake, Throttle Head and Cams in the near future when I can afford to run the car after these upgrades! ha..

    The car sat nav model is all in Japanese but I've managed to find one frequency for my FM Aux connection and eventually found out the audio dials for added base and treble. I must say the Premium Sound System has a decent thump out of it. Its annoying that I don't have a disk for the dvd drive to unlock the screen as I translated the text on the screen and its looking for a disk to read. In the future I'd like to get the stereo fully unlocked and get a aftermarket subwoofer in the boot. I also need to fix the Clock dial screen as it blinks but I seen a good thread on that repair.

    Thats about it for now I'll add more info when I can and upgrade the car bio as the changes happen :Smile:

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    Hi @TenBallz - has to be said, that's just made my decision between an N22 Civic or an N22 Accord for my daily a lot harder. Looks lovely.
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    I really want a CL7, I really like the sleeper aspect. I'm glad you rate it too, always good to see positive reviews from actual owners. It looks really nice.

    Do you reckon a UK dvd disc would work in your satnav dvd drive and change it to English? Or is it not as easy as that?