Engine & Gearbox Intake for F18, F20 engines (incomplete)

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    ** Incomplete DIY, easier to format here rather than word and then copying and pasting **

    1) Refer to my DIY on changing the air filter, that will give you an idea of removing the air box
    One step shown below:
    2) Remove the clip shown here
    2) Remove the rest of the unit by undoing any cables clipped to the air box pipe
    3) Undo the jubilee clip

    5) Feel the whole pipe and make sure nothing else is clipped to it. If so, slowly remove the pipe and air box making sure nothing is clipped to the pipe. You should end up with this

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    3 - You thinking of a Jubilee clip bud?
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    Perfect! Thanks bud :clap:

    My minds all jumbled!
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    nw mate, mine is also jumbled, hate early starts
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    I hate early starts and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday and saturday (If I'm working) All other days I like, with the exception of if I'm not working then all days I love.

    Good start by the way.
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    Good point, I dislike every working day as well.
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    for a moment though I thought this was @Chunkylover53 's guide at a CAI install..

    Totaly agree @Nighthawk, if only we all had ample free time and unlimited funds.
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    Technically its a CAI, air filter is not as far from heat as I would like so I have to buy another pipe.
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    How about a before and after sound clip mate?

    Look forward to seeing and hearing the finished article
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    agreedm unless you can make a K&N Typhoon fit from a Type-R
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    @DeviateDefiant mentioned that Type-R CAIs can be slightly altered to fit our engine bays - that is by far the best solution but way out of my price range.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Wish I thought of that earlier, I sent out my only air filter earlier today
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    Yeah, i have a Prelude one in my shed that can also be made to fit.
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    I was meant to get it done today, this is what it looks like - not the best but I'm not complaining at £35.
    20150724_225240_001. 20150724_225202.

    Filter is an ebay cheapo which I'm replacing with a K+N later this week. I'm also going to buy another pipe and hydroshield to drop the air filter further safely.
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    Nice, the cheapo one I have is a short ram intake, mounts the filter right behind the drivers headlight.
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    Add another straight pipe and it becomes long ram. I'm trying to get a screw in pipe so I can switch between long and short for whatever reason.
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    United Kingdom Leo Corby
    Good work mate, we'll still need that after sound clip though :Whistle:
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    I wanted to fit a PiperX filter to mine or an ITG one, that latter is used by racecars, and using racecar parts on roadcars, is like sooo "because racecar"
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    Will do, never got round to fitting it today. Fitting the stereo is a lot harder than I thought it would be as that area is tiny.
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    you try fitting a stero in a Peugeot 106, thats tiny!
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    I remember fitting a stereo for my mother in her car when I was around 16 or so in the dark using just a torch light - that was fun, but it was a great birthday present for her. Came home from work with no radio working, woke up the next morning to one in her car.