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    Today was a bad day and what a way the start the year i got told to come home from work because some one has hit my honda Civic :Frown: :Frown:. I don't know how this would work two people have crashed out side the house and also done some damage to my car :Frown: they are blaming each other. What is going to happen with me do i have to wait and see who is to blame and clame from there?

    One guy is saying he hit my car but only because of the other person, will my insurence just clame off him?

    The other guy is saying he hit my car first and then his?

    Any one got any ideas on what will happen?
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    your find it hard to get any clam mate, sorry to say it but both people will deny it and just say its someone els fault.
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    regardless of if anyone accepts liabilty for the crash if they both hit your car or one of them did you will claim off them. its no way your fault so why should you have to suffer for it
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    Rang today because they are closed on sunday. The damage is not to bad and they have said i have to see who is to blame and go from there. The honda has a broked back light, broke bumper and some paint work needs doing. I will let you know how it goes.

    The only thing i am thnking is i hope they don't right the car off with it only being worth
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    bad luck dude. sounds like a shitty situation

    hope you get sorted
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    getted for you