Insurance let me buy my ek4 back!

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Priggy, Sunday 8th Nov, 2009.

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    After alot of phone calls and trying to be patient the insurance company let me have my ek4 back for....less money than a set of tyres :Tongue: , so because i don't plan on having another Civic for quite a while until i sort out a few debts etc etc everything on it is for sale, but because of the new sectioning of the parts for sale i didnt want to guage interest in there





    just a few pics to give you some idea of the condition of things :Smile: The rough spec is...


    Sir Front lip

    Good replica (with the mesh rather than all plastic) EK9 grille with black H in the centre

    Genuine wind deflectors

    Type-R rear lip

    99 spec rear lights

    Ek4 wheels with alll good toyo proxies t1r's.. i beelive 1 has a t1s actually


    50mm lowering springs (that strangely make the car sit level?? not sure on condition of shocks yet

    Full vti brake setup with black diamond discs/pads, still got a receipt somewhere for about 350 quid for all that

    Tegiwa master cylinder brace

    F+R ARB's. rear just had new bushes


    Full b16a2 swap

    Comptech usa tri y manifold w/ decat

    S/S centre section 2 1/4 inch with no baffles

    fujitsobu sr back box

    Tegiwa engine torque damper

    Spoon resonator delete + airbox w/ k&n panel filter and cool air feed + a peice of metal pipe to get rid of the horrible rubber crap

    thats all i can think of at the mo..


    Full ek4 interior

    tegiwa shift knob and red leather stitched gaitor

    thats about it i think :Smile:

    If you need anything from a Civic atall even if its parts that arent vti specific please let me know as everything is being stripped then the cars being cut up and put in a skip :Smile:

    all panels bar the drivers door and front wing are good as are bumpers mirrors etc

    if its possible and anybody wants the plate r18 8ull (R18 BULL maybe good on a teg if your surnames bull? i don't know!) they can buy that aswell?? i have no idea how it would be done!

    Any questions PM me as it will come up on my email and i can't get on civiclife at work :Smile: Cheers guys


    P.s the car is being delivered to me tomorrow so stripping will start next weekend or maybe during the week if anybodys desperate for something?
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    dude for fuck sake, put it in the correct section
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    lol priggy put it in the breaking section lol
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    am i being harsh and it is alot more difficult than im imagining??
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    Such a shame the Driver door got messed up :Frown:
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    i didnt even know there was a breaking section :Messed: i don't spend much time on here any more i'l move it if its that important?
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    its in breaking delete this one if you want
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    lol i don't see why people get so stressed over it its a forum :Messed: