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    hi there ...
    today i noticed a problem when activating my hazzard lights,they wern't blinking from inside the car on the dash ,so i checked the indicators/flashers
    they also wern't blinking from the inside of the car
    so got out ,operating all the hazzard lights ...all bulbs light up ...checked indicators they of course all light up ,but don't operate in the usual fashion ,they don't blink /flash/indicate
    i have looked through the forum with no discerning answer (sorry)
    i've checked both the fuses for the turn (on the inside of drivers door ,right hand drive)...and also the hazzard fuse under the bonnet for continuity and they are both OK

    i guess since they all work ,its not a bulb problem ?

    so help is needed to locate and identify the hazzard/blinker/indicator relay
    could someone please help me locate and identify the hazzard relay please ?
    i'm assuming its under the drivers side (right hand drive) BUT where
    many thanks
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    Sounds like you need a new flasher unit - try flea bay
  3. doublevision Premium Member Club Supporter

    Thanks ,i guess thats what i need...i just need the location of said relay
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    Is it in the engine bay fuse box? They're all labelled up. The interior one is near your right knee.

    I'll have a look in mine where it is when I get home.
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    I couldn't find the relay, there's a fuse in the engine fuse box for the hazards but no relay and I couldn't see one in the interior fuse box, which is on the passenger side so I was wrong.

    It may be that the relay is built into the hazard light switch.
  6. doublevision Premium Member Club Supporter

    its here ...under driver side R3 :Smile:
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    so you need to crawl on your back ...under the steering wheel ...look up to your left ..and it the bigger one nearest the wing

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    Great info, thanks for sharing.
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