Finished IHM 2016 - 17th of April - 12:00-18:00 - Hotel/Truckstop NOBIS in Asten (NL)

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    Netherlands Roy Kessel

    Also this year, the IHM, International HONDA Meeting, will take place!
    Sunday April 17th 2016, 12:00 - 18:00h - Hotel/Truckstop NOBIS, in Asten (NL)

    Entrance fee: € 5,00 per car, with that you'll be automatically be competing in the BEST OF ... CONTEST,
    but in case you're not interested in winning a beautiful award, then it's only € 2,00 per car.
    The entrance fee is purely there, to cover the costs.

    This meeting is powered (or made possible) by:
    This year, we'll have more stands, so be sure to bring some money!
    These are now confirmed, but it's likely this list will still grow... :

    * SAN-TOSO

    There are 10 different awards to win.
    9 Different awards to be won in the BEST OF ... CONTEST, in the following categories:

    * Best of Wheels
    * Best of Engine
    * Best of Paint
    * Best of OEM
    * Best of Custom
    * Best of Interior
    * Best of Classic
    * Best of Track
    * Best of Daily

    1 Award for the one who had to travel the longest distance to be present at the IHM:
    * IHM Globetrotter Award

    For more information about the STANDS, the different BEST OF ... CONTEST categories and lots more, visit the website:
    International HONDA Meeting 2016

    The awards are made by: A(i)RT - Home | A(i)RT
    How they will look like, we will not yet reveal, but it's sure that they will be beautiful and really unique!!

    Just like last year, hundreds of beautiful pictures will be taken by the people of:
    Shot at Speed -
    Do you want YOUR Honda to appear on one of those pictures? Talk to the guys, they will be more than happy to create the best looking pictures for you!

    We'll also make sure that kids won't be bored, when coming along. Last year there was a bouncing castle. We'll arrange something like that again, this year, too. Maybe even more than that...

    We're also in contact with a certain someone who calls himself HondaPro Jason, to get some very nice giveaways, that we'll be handing out with a lottery of some sort (We'll have to finalize this, still, but it's looking very promising).
    And if this is not yet enough, we also heard from HONDA Europe that they will also sponsor a little something to give out to every car (not every single person)...
    So make sure you'll be there!

    Let us know (when you have an account) on facebook that you're coming. Every picture left there of your car will be appreciated.

    Here are a couple of shots of last year's IHM, by courtesy of Shot at Speed.
    We hope to see and talk to lots of you!
    We're really looking forward to it!
    C U THERE !

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