I hate working in IT at times...

Discussion in 'Steam Room' started by James Rowe, Tuesday 3rd Nov, 2009.

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    OK lets put you in the picture, I've drove from Kent down to the otherside of Devon almost in Cornwall. Some 5hours. Got up at half 3am. Fun.

    Got here to find the laptop I came to fix actually aint that bad as its made out to be... Its an old crappy Dell latitude D520 Celeron M 1.7GHz and 1GB ram. Yes its a speedy thing, not! For something thats well over a year or two old with Windows on, its actually running pretty damn well!

    Issue was it freezes at times, that because its on a fucking docking station and so do all the other fucking Dells. Its a known issue, due to screen saver and idle on.

    Next up it selects cells at random in excel, I can't get the fucker todo it.. Swear the user is dreaming! Meh, system restored it to a few months back!

    Thats it! 5 Fucking Hours, i could have been in bed till 9am and got up and sat on the portal instead and done some support (even though I'm a field engineer).

    Bah... Hate it when they make something out of nothing. Onwards and upwards, nice long drive home in shitey rain thats coming down very hard!
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    system restores don't do shite mate, It needs a rebuild end of. I've had to do manual rebuild at my company for ages, Just sorted my WDS image for the lappys so its now a 30 mins to to rebuild them. Sucks being a field engineer, I was for 2 years, I've had to drive to brighton today to meet openreach to install the sites new router for the MPLS, And had my car driven into this morning, So im not having the best one either
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    Well tbfh I cba to reinstall windows, as such a sysrestore will have todo. Its made it a little quicker, solves little bugs but thats about it I know. I'm handy (been on a week course and got a certificate) in Ghost SS2. So in an office full of similar machines I'd use that, take half hour just to reimage the fucker.

    However this is at a company that I don't know and have about 6laptops in total maybe 7/8. I've been a field engineer for about 2years now aswell, just left my old company for this one for more money. Use to meet Openreach engineers weekly. Fucking muppets they are lol.

    I think I'm going to drown outside..
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    Ghost is your friend lol